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A modern house with cozy interiors is a great setting for a house. A house that is minimalist in nature requires less maintenance and is easy to care for. A house that has white walls, not only appears calm, it looks much more spacious and illuminated. White compliments every color, and makes the furniture and upholstery stand out, and the best part is that it balances the brightness and darkness all at once.

Let´s take this tour together! 

Living room in earthen colors

The living room of this house has earthen color furniture. The table in brown wood has a rustic feel to it, and compliments the modern style living room beautifully. The sofa is upholstered in neutral beige color, highlighted by light and blue cushions. The dark grey wall that hosts the television stands out against the white background, and the allowance of a lot of natural light gives this modern living room a bright and spacious appearance. 

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The modern home office

The office room in this house is illuminated by natural light, and has a rectangular minimalist table with stone top appearance that works as a desk. The grey color of the carpet and the furniture give this room a subtle and soft appearance, perfect for the office. The colorful picture on the back wall, adds glamour to the room without creating any distraction while working, being placed behind the chair. 

Eclectic dining room

The dining room in this house is again minimalist but royal. The high back comfortable chairs invite you for a long dinner with the whole family. The beautiful crystal hanging chandeliers are the perfect source of light on the simple and minimalist wooden table, surrounded by blue chairs. The white on the walls create the perfect background against the wooden flooring and adds space in the living room. 

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A small sitting area

The house has this small sitting area, that goes well with the dining. The metallic round table is the center of focus and makes this simple small area of four chairs look ultimate cozy and comfortable. The decoration with natural plants adds to the room a fresh looking that goes perfectly with the natural sun light ilumination.

Kitchen in Yellow and White

The kitchen sports a tropical look with the usage of bright yellow, green and orange against the white background. The center of the kitchen is an island that is used as a preparation area and a dining area too. The hanging lights from the ceiling keep the focus on the center of the kitchen . The kitchen cabinets and walls all blend seamlessly together making it a uniform and spacious space. 

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The classic bedroom

The bedroom of this modern house looks sophisticated and classic. The protagonist without a doubt is the amazing wall paper that just adds some texture to the room without overpowering the softness and subtlety of the room. The bed is crafted from wood, and has simple lines. The earthen and neutral shades of the bedroom make the room look very calm and peaceful for a great night's sleep. 

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The bathroom

The bathroom has grey walls and white cabinets a combination that we believe is irresistible. The bathroom is the only room in the house that does not have natural light, but that is made up by the wall and ceiling crystal lights. You have a windowless bathroom too? Here are 9 tips on how to illuminate it.

Let us know your thoughts on this modern and subtle house in neutral colors.

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