Renovated floor plans of a two storey house in Meyersdal

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Renovated floor plans of a two storey house in Meyersdal

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Renovating an existing house can require a lot of research and a bit of help from the professionals. Demolishing and recreating structures is not as easy as it may sound because it can compromise the sturdiness of the overall house. A thing that you should always remember while trying to renovate your own home is not to break any load-bearing walls. In today's ideabook we brought you the existing and renovated floor plans of a two-storey house. Here you will be able to see how the structure has been made more comfortable without many changes.

1. Final layout

This is the final layout of the renovated two-storey house. On the extreme left, you can see a beautiful outdoor swimming pool along with ample outdoor seating area. One can even notice how the designer has incorporated patches of green grass wherever possible.

2. Existing first floor

This is the existing floor plan of the first storey. It showcases one large room along with two medium size ones. It also has two large size bathrooms. The main problem with this structure was that it did not do justice with the space.

2.1. First floor changes

In this, you can see the changes that have been made on the first floor. The red walls are the ones which have been demolished whereas the green ones are being added after the renovation. The main aim behind the restoration was to make the space larger.

2.2. Final first floor layout

The final layout of the first floor shows you how the master bedroom has grown in size. Apart from this the bathroom too was designed to include a tub as well as a shower cubicle. On the first floor, an entirely new bedroom and bathroom have been added to increase the capacity.

3. Existing ground floor

The existing ground floor is quite simple. It has one large room with areas such as the living, dining, and kitchen. It also has a bedroom and a small bathroom in the left corner. Besides this, all you see is a staircase leading to the top floor.

3.1. Ground floor changes

The proposed changes for the ground floor includes adding another bedroom along with a bathroom. One can even see a spiral staircase on the left corner which leads to the first floor. The architect also decided to break the left side structural wall so that the stairs features an open concept.

3.2. Final ground floor layout

Lastly here is the final layout for the ground floor of this magnificent two-storey house. You can see how an additional single bedroom and bathroom have been added at the very end of the property which can be used for guests. The rest of the structure remains same.

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