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Lately if you have been looking at your kitchen and thinking that it could do with a makeover, this homify article is exactly what you need. Remodeling your kitchen could be both exciting as well as daunting, with a sea of possible designs to choose from, and one can easily be overwhelmed. But it is important to be mindful of the style of your interiors, the available space and the befitting color palette so as to avoid having a kitchen that is dingy, chaotic & unsightly.

Kitchen planners and renovation professionals have time & again emphasized on loading up the kitchen with practicality, so that even limited dimensions do not take away from its utility. It follows that the ideal contemporary kitchen is full of functional elements, with proper lighting, ventilation & of course, ample storage, irrespective of the style of its design. Oftentimes, particularly in small homes, layouts also make a BIG difference in making the kitchen look airy & bright, and an open-plan layout is among those highly preferred for such homes. Others like the U-shaped, L-shaped and big kitchens with kitchen islands/ peninsulas also boast of a good number of takers.

This homify article enlists 10 such wonderful kitchen renovation examples that have transformed the kitchen from drab & outdated to fab & modish. These renovations are living proof that the right facelift can do wonders for a space, especially one as important as the kitchen. These examples also show different layouts well-suited to the available space and will give you all the inspiration you need to get you fired up for a hearty New year revamp. Excited? Read on!

1. BEFORE: cramped, woefully cluttered, disagreeable & out of date.


AFTER: engagingly simple, conveniently usable, pleasingly open & well-organized in wood & white.

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2. BEFORE: old fashioned where mismatched floor tiles impart a dark & clunky feel.

Before (interior) Haus12 Interiors

AFTER: super-spacious, bright & modern with designer sleekness.

Interior and Exterior Haus12 Interiors Кухня

3. BEFORE: extremely dark with inadequate room, outmoded appearance & inappropriate layout.

Une cuisine qui a du look !!!, LAUREN CREATION LAUREN CREATION

AFTER: open convenience, luminous essence & warm flooring; chic modernity adorns cohesive, fluid design.

Une cuisine qui a du look !!!, LAUREN CREATION LAUREN CREATION

4. BEFORE: a style washout that's nightmarishly busy with disastrous details & a lack of any clear surfaces.

homify Кухня

AFTER: Aptly styled for well-lit functional poise; voguish color contrasts & extra attention to detail nail it.

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5. Boring in brown gave way to timeless in black & white.

The new backsplash is simply stunning, no?

6. BEFORE: the blue overkill & a bad layout simply bruise the look.


AFTER: agelessly fresh country chic details inject a warm, classy vibe with the neat neutral color scheme.


7. BEFORE: suffering from annoying unworkability & an absolute lack of demonstrable style.

AFTER: fresh white splendor contributes greatly to this light, bright & charmingly beautiful modernized kitchen.

8. BEFORE: Overpowering 60s style brown preponderance and dated accents mar the look.

AFTER: glossy granite and jazzy white cabinetry add to the radiant openness.

9. BEFORE: bizarrely browned for an ugly desolate look aggravated by the tacky tiles & weird floor varnish.

AFTER: spotless white magic visually enlarges the space while the shiny black worktop adds a smashing contrast; what a fabulous lighting!

10. BEFORE: a confusing tragic mess that is more of a design catastrophe, and that odd room divide… .ughh!


AFTER: this open-plan perfection oozes a distinctly contemporary vibe, refreshingly roomy & simply phenomenal!

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AFTER: The view from this angle upholds the dazzling, dapper aura of this beautifully refurbished generous space.

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