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The House that's Always Ready to Party

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Projecta Architects' main focus with their projects is to find a balance between each customer's individual needs, functional technology, and unique aesthetics for each building they design. The firm offers a range of architecture and design services to both residential and commercial clients, and already has an astounding repertoire of projects to boast of. 

Today, we at homify are privileged to show you one of Projecta's residential masterpieces; the Reservas do Vale. This impressive modern structure has a formal and contemporary façade but is filled with surprising interiors.

Nearly all spaces are meant for entertaining, and there are plenty of them. The owners of this house must be known throughout the neighbourhood for throwing the best parties, if only for having the best venue to do so! I

Interested? Then join us for a closer look…

Cubic structure

homify Будинки

When we see the exterior of this home from the street, it takes on a neat, cubic shape. It does not seem very big from this angle, but hold on just a bit longer till we get to the inside before you make any judgement.

What we all can agree on is that the façade of the home is elegant and stylish, encapsulating modernity with the geometric forms, while adding a sophisticated finish in the combination of plaster, wood, tiles and mirrored glass. It surely is a great indication of what is to come!

Interior without end

homify Вітальня

The interior of the home is certainly something to behold. Here we see a large, open area comprising the living room and dining room. 

This space is definitely a testament to luxury. Just look at the marble flooring. This material is usually reserved for palaces and regal mansions. It immediately puts the house a few levels above any other suburban equivalent. 

To further emphasise the magnificent design of the space created by the tall ceilings, we see a grand piano in the right corner. Other furniture in the living room section include several sofas and recliners, with a sophisticated coffee table to boot. 

Lavish dinner parties

homify Їдальня

Now if you think that the living room was luxurious, wait till you see this spectacular dining room! Of course, the marble floor is continued from the living room, so this element sets the tone for the room's style, as well as creating continuity in the larger area. 

The natural stone topped dining table suits the flooring very well, but creates some variety in its clear appearance. The accompanying chairs are of a classical design, reminiscent of 1950's furnishings in an Art Deco design. The champagne-coloured, velvety fabric in which it is upholstered takes the sophistication of the space to another level. 

Above the dining table hangs a brilliant glass chandelier, which distributes warm light across the area and is stylish beyond measure. 

Modern kitchen with a twist

homify Кухня

Now we move over to the kitchen. This striking colours immediately grab our attention, but at the behind it we can see a very modern kitchen – sleek and equipped with high-end appliances. The overall effect is that of modernity with a twist. 

We can also see a very effective use of space in this area. The appliances are neatly fitted next to one another to make optimal use of available space, ensuring that balance of function and aesthetics is achieved we mentioned earlier. 

The bright red kitchen island gives way to a projecting wooden table and crimson chairs. This interesting focal point draws attention to this area and so makes the space surrounding it seem larger. 

Entertaining every occasion

homify Їдальня

Now we get a glimpse of the true character of the house. The space we see here is an open-plan entertainment area consisting of several distinct spaces. 

On the right of the image we find a small kitchen space and bar. To the left we can see sliding doors which open up onto the back courtyard, beautifully decorated by cobblestone. This is the perfect spot for afternoon teas and outdoor entertaining. 

In the inside of the home we can see several tables and accompanying chairs for different purposes. The small, round table might be used for an intimate game of cards, while the larger one behind it may be used for larger groups, playing board games, or after-dinner entertaining. 

Down time

homify Спальня

In a house that's as social as this, one almost expects even the most intimate rooms to be a party venue. This master bedroom, however, is made for only two. The spacious room is for much more than sleeping, since it hosts a number of spaces for different purposes. 

The bed, covered in lavish fabric, can be sectioned off from the bathroom area by curtains, and is separated from a small lounge area by a cabinet and TV installation. What's great about this is that the TV can be enjoyed from both sides – the bed and the lounge, thanks to a dual screen. 

Furthest from us, we can see an extraordinary bathtub made of marble with a metallic tone. This is not ordinary bathtub, as it is a double feature – big enough for two people side by side. This room is definitely the perfect haven which you can retire to after the many exciting parties held in the social house.

Great outdoors

homify Будинки

We'll soon wrap up our tour of the party house before we decide to stay forever! 

At a last glance we take a look at the back porch of the home. From this exterior vantage point, the house seems much bigger in dimension than when seen from the front. 

Here we can see the entertainment area in full view as well as how it integrates into the outdoors. The placement of this space next to the pool extends the entertaining options even more. It also allows easy access from the pool to the house, and plenty of fresh air circulating in the home. 

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