Wooden shelf ideas for your home

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Ah, storage. Who hasn't battled to find more of it, especially versions that not only suit but also heighten existing design and decorating features? For those with children, the need to hide away copious amounts of toys is understood and for everyone else, everyday hoarding and collecting sees us significantly lacking in innovative space solutions.

From cupboards to shelving, we all need a much vaster amount of storage and display functionality than we initially imagine, so take a look at these wonderful wooden shelf ideas and see if any inspire you to embrace a little DIY.

Rainbow bright

What's not to love about this absolutely stunning wooden shelf installation from the team at Mobimio? Look past the selected colours and you will see so much more than just a practical storage solution; you will see beauty, craftsmanship and endless personalisation opportunities. You want open shelves? Leave off the doors and don't include drawers. You like monochromatic colour schemes? Paint your cupboard fronts accordingly. This really is a 'one solution fits all' set of shelves and would look incredible in any room of the house. We like the idea of everyone being assigned their own colour and storing their personal belongings in defined spaces, just to get really organised!

Floating fabulousness

Wooden shelves can be as plain or innovative as you want them to be and thanks to the malleability of the material, any shape or form can be taken. With this in mind, there really are no limitations as to what kind of wooden shelf you can install in your home, so why not aim for something really different? We are in love with these beautiful, yet eminently practical floating shelves that not only house the sink effortlessly, but also provide subtle and much needed storage via hidden drawers. Amazing!

Simple works

Hidden Rooms Навчання/офісШафи і стелажі

Danish design is enjoying something of a comeback and as such we are seeing vast numbers of beautifully simple furniture ideas springing up. Though innovative and clever creations will always be a little bit exciting, don't overlook the impact that pure and unadulterated simplicity can have too. As an example, look at this lovely wooden shelf. Perfectly functional and attractive, it offers little in the way of groundbreaking design, yet still draws us in. The natural wood, soft curves and splash of colour all work together to show that sometimes the simplest answer really is the best.

Masterfully minimal

Broken : Floating Shelf byJalmari ВітальняПолиці

Broken : Floating Shelf


While we are discussing the virtues of simplicity, we could not overlook this fabulous floating wooden shelf. The very essence of pared back chic, there is nothing in the way of extraneous material getting in the way of the beautiful design or perfect functionality of this lovely shelf. Breaking up the wooden slat with a delicate section of glass, though still so simple, transforms what could have been a very basic design into something altogether more artistic and high end that is almost too beautiful to not just display on its own as wall art.

Material madness

Noma Shelf Zak Stratfold ВітальняПолиці
Zak Stratfold

Noma Shelf

Zak Stratfold

We love anything a little bit different or seemingly designed to really make the most of artistic expression, so this deceptively simple wooden shelf, which floats on the wall, ticks all the right boxes. Mounted on a beautiful piece of carved sculpture, the shelf almost looks to be riding a wave, while it performs its display duties perfectly. By keeping the sculpture underneath so subtle in texture and colour, the functionality of the piece is not overshadowed, but the design merit still makes itself heard, even in the busiest and noisiest of houses!

Wall to wall

Richmond kt-id ВітальняПолиці



If you have the available space and the requisite number of belongings to home, have you considered a wall to wall wooden shelf installation in your home? Reminiscent of older properties that proudly house libraries, we love how the essence of the old can perfectly co-exist with the ideals of the new and create a space filled with useful storage, elegant and attractive furniture and unfaltering practicality. For a more modern look, lighter wood would work well but if you like the juxtaposition of classic meets contemporary, this dark wood finish is ideal.

Outrageous racking

Delica ВітальняПолиці

Wooden shelf ideas don't come much more minimal and beautiful than this semi-industrial looking installation. The neutral tones of the individual components allow for easy placement in any room and thanks to the design, there are infinite ways to lay out the finished shelves. Should you acquire more items, shelves can be moved and adjusted, making this the ultimate in reactive furniture that would be ideal for those with either growing collections or families. 

Terrific trellis

X-Board Hermann+Hermann ВітальняЗберігання

There's no denying that usable space-wise, this is not the most practical of all the shelving installations we have shown you, but it is one of the prettiest. Perfect for smaller, flat items, such as books, we love the trellis shape on show here. For a more individual and fun way of displaying it, why not consider painting the wall areas in various colours or even the insides of the wooden shelf sections themselves. Lovely for any room, we can imagine this shelf working particularly well in a nursery or a small kitchen, just because it is so sweet and easy to personalise.

Optical illusion

Onda Shelf David Tragen ВітальняПолиці
David Tragen

Onda Shelf

David Tragen

If you take just a quick glance at this shelf you may miss the most important design feature; a stunningly subtle and simple undulation in the surface that creates a gentle wave effect. Almost undetectable, the wave transforms an ordinary floating shelf into something quite out of the ordinary that has been created with skill and artistic dedication. We can imagine that few of these shelves all mounted closely together would create a dramatic and beautiful focal point, while also offering a practical storage solution.

Daring driftwood

Sycamore Shelf Seagirl and Magpie КухняШафи і полиці
Seagirl and Magpie

Sycamore Shelf

Seagirl and Magpie

Driftwood furniture is incredibly popular right now, not least because of the surge in shabby chic styling and rustic popularity. We love the notion of taking something that has already had a life and turning it into something entirely new and with a different designated function. In this case, this lovely wooden shelf will bring a warmth and nostalgia to any kitchen zone that is undeniably charming. In a room that already features a great deal of natural wood, a shelf such as this will blend in effortlessly, adding to the functionality of the room without detracting from other key features.

For more shelving inspiration, take a look at this ideabook: Exposed kitchen shelving.

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