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17 bedroom accessories that will make your space look elegant

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Bedroom accessories are the perfect way to spice up your space and give it the desired look. 

With just a few pieces of essential furniture – like a dresser or a nightstand your bedroom may look pretty empty and lacking that special something feel that makes it the perfect resting heaven. However with a few accessories your bedroom is transformed to functional den from a plain room and behold! You have a cozy and attractive space that feels welcoming after a long day. Whether modern, Scandinavian or country style, accessories can make all the difference while styling your bedroom and making it your perfect resting heaven! Here are the seventeen accessories that every bedroom needs.

1 . Colorful throw pillows in the bedroom

If you find that your bedroom is lackluster, nothing more than just a place to rest your head upon, then you need to add some color to your life! Do just that with bright colorful pillows and an interesting headboard such as this one. 

2 . Photo frames in the bedroom

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They say a picture is worth a million words, and they couldn't be more right. How about lining the walls of your bedroom with the most cherished memories that you have? A stroll down memory lane awaits you every single day!

3 . Indian style bed sheets for the bedroom

Sprucing up your bedroom in the most elementary way would be with the use of colorful bed sheets and covers. You could go for colors and ideas that match the theme of your bedroom or simply do the opposite- anything goes, really! 

4 . A unique armchair in the bedroom

This unique armchair is the highlight of this bedroom despite the magnitude of the bedroom. It stands out particularly due to it's blend of color and how it fits in with the accessories of the room. 

5 . Vivid paintings for the bedroom

The first step that you take into this bedroom leaves you in awe of the painting that looks you right in the eye. The vibrant, bold colors elevate the overall look of the room, while the pillow cases seem like the paint dripped on over them!  

6 . How about a customized headboard for the bedroom?


The headboard is another area to focus on when it comes to accessorizing the bedroom. You could go for a rustic one such as this or perhaps one that is more suited to your liking. 

7. Coat hanger for the bedroom

Certainly one of the rarer ideas to explore, but not unusual in any way is a colorful coat hanger such as this. It adds utility to the room in addition to being an eye catcher. 

8 . LED lights for the bedroom

Bespoke Furniture designed by WMOR Adventure In Architecture СпальняЛіжка та спинки
Adventure In Architecture

Bespoke Furniture designed by WMOR

Adventure In Architecture

Try taking your regular headboard to the next level by lining it with LED lights such as this. A simple bed is elevated with the simple addition of lights, who would have thought? 

9. Suspended lights in the bedroom

Reinvent the regular bed lamp by suspending lights in this manner. Dangling lights in a black casing against a white backdrop makes for the perfect contrast. 

10. The violet bedroom

Tropical Night silk bed linen homify СпальняТекстиль Шовк Фіолетовий / фіолетовий

Tropical Night silk bed linen


Themes never ran out of style and sticking to a single hue does have it's advantages. How about matching your bed sheets and covers to the walls of your bedroom as opposed to the other way around? 

11. Frames in the bedroom

How about turning a wall in your room into a photo gallery? You could mix up different paintings or photo frames that you might have and make the perfect mix. 

12. Lamp hangers in the bedroom

homify Спальня

Lamp hangers, too are a great addition to the bedroom. You can team them up with bed stand lamps as seen in this image or simple have them hanging by themselves. 

13. Vintage dressing table in the bedroom

The Old Post Office A1 Lofts and Extensions СпальняТуалетні столики
A1 Lofts and Extensions

The Old Post Office

A1 Lofts and Extensions

A dressing table can also be seen as an accessory to the bedroom. If you're going for a rustic look then you can opt for a vintage one that gels in well with the overall theme of your room. 

14. Wallpaper for the bedroom

Wallpaper is a great solution if you're someone who frequently likes to play mix and match in the bedroom. It's easy to maintain and comes with the added benefit of being easy to replace.

15. Unique wardrobes for the bedroom

Wardrobes don't always have to be plain boards of wood majestically assembled together after all! You can experiment with different kinds such as the one seen in the image. Play around with motifs, colors, and textures till you find the right fit.  

16. A canopy in the bedroom?

Dreamer's paradise isn't so far fetched after all, now is it? Not with a canopy such as this to hover over your headboard, tucking you in every night. 

17. Flowers for the bedroom

cs Тераса

If wallpapers, photo galleries, wardrobes and the like, doesn't sing with you then you can always turn to adding an au naturale element such as flowers. Who wouldn't like waking up to the sweet smell of flowers after all? 

18. A unique carpet in the bedroom

A colorful rug could also add life to your bedroom. Be sure to match your bed covers with the same for the perfect finish! 

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