A beautiful two-storey house for an Indian family (plans attached)

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
Sobrado 1939, Ana Sawaia Arquitetura Ana Sawaia Arquitetura Сад
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Nowadays, especially in urban areas, houses are built close together, and the square footage is smaller to adapt to the lifestyle of the new generation. Therefore, apartments and town houses have quickly become the first choice of many people who look for a home. However, the limited size of the house should not deter you from using unique ideas when building or designing your home. To inspire you, we present a two-storey townhouse design, which focuses on modern trends, but still is filled with energy. You can apply these ideas to your house.

Diversity in the garden

The garden is an essential element in a home’s design as it not only creates a feeling of freshness and relaxation, but also presents an ideal space where the members of the family can enjoy the outdoors. The town house seen in the above image uses a section of the garden for growing a variety of plants, while in another part, decorative stones and a wooden table set the stage for outdoor dining.

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A happy living area

This house is designed in a novel style, which sets it apart from traditional townhouses. The living area opens into a garden that is airy and filled with greenery – a healthy addition for the homeowners.

Airy with large windows

A closer look at the room, and you will notice that the architect chose to use glass sliding doors for easy entry into the house. The glass doors also allow the family members to sit comfortably in the living room and look at the garden.

Striking beauty on the wall

Apart from the lush greenery in the garden, the wall is covered with colourful art and tiles to add an exciting feature to bring vibrancy to the space.

Creative corridor

Using several types of materials creates a contrast, which is important for introducing novelty in modern house design. As you can see in this image, the porch has a combination of tiles and wood. Together, they create a minimalist look in the area.

A different treatment for the ceiling

Besides providing the opportunity to use a different material in the room, the wood decoration on the ceiling brings a beautiful and warm element to the space.

Ability to connect space efficiently

Townhouses have limited space and are usually quite deep and narrow. However, here, the architects have efficiently connected the middle of the house to the front and the rear using an open space with the same big grey tiles that stretch all the way into the rooms.

The cosy bedroom

The highlight of this bedroom is its simplicity and airiness. The furniture is minimalist, and the wooden floor makes the room look warm, relaxing and comfortable.

Modern bathroom

The bathrooms are designed in the modern style with white as the main colour. The room is divided efficiently with glass forming a transparent wall that separates the wet and dry areas.

Luxurious white kitchen

White is the colour that represents cleanliness, purity and luxury, so it’s a perfect choice for the kitchen. In addition, wood is used to decorate some areas to create accents. It is also present in the table that fits perfectly into the small kitchen.

Drawing of the second floor

This house is spread over a long and deep plot of land, so the space is allocated according to functionality. There are three bedrooms in one-half of the house, while the living area and balcony are in the other half.

The overall drawing

You can see from the original plan that efficient utilization of space is not easy in a plot of this shape and size. The architect has divided the available space cleverly to include a garage, living room, kitchen and garden in the middle of the house, besides another garden outside.

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