5 creative ideas for your living room floor

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The flooring that you choose for your living room can really seal the deal, in terms of creating a cohesive and beautiful space, but these days, nobody seems to want to take the easy route of simply laying some carpet! We actually applaud the tenacity and adventurous spirit that it requires to think more outside the box and so do interior designers, as they are constantly creating new, unusual or just utterly incredible floors for their clients. 

We think we've found five outstanding flooring ideas that would work in any living room, so why not come and take a look to see which one has that perfect aesthetic that you've been looking for?

1. Reclaimed parquet.

Oak Aged Pre-oiled Parquet The Natural Wood Floor Company Стіни & ПідлогиНастінні та підлогові покриття
The Natural Wood Floor Company

Oak Aged Pre-oiled Parquet

The Natural Wood Floor Company

Finally, we couldn't not give a nod to one of our all-time favourite flooring options; parquet. We're not talking about new parquet though, as that is far too perfect for us, but instead, reclaimed materials that have been expertly laid and brought back to life. Every gap adds character, every divot is heritage and we love how they make a living room take on a whole new persona.  

For more flooring inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Creative home flooring solutions.

2. Painted floorboards.

Pudding Sofa Loaf ВітальняДивани та крісла

Pudding Sofa


Floorboards are great and have a natural appeal, but if you paint them, they become something else altogether! Naturally, you'll need to sand them smooth, to avoid splinters, but natural variations in the wood look amazing when shining through a coat of paint. White looks perfect, but we can imagine any pastel hue being striking and sweet.

3. Rugs on rugs on rugs!

The Pattern House reForm Architects Вітальня
reForm Architects

The Pattern House

reForm Architects

Why have one rug when you can have a handful? In a living room, comfort and cosiness is king, which is why we love the idea of collecting numerous rugs, both old and new, in a bid to layer them up and create a really unique floor. Flea market finds will come in so handy for this idea!

4. Patterned tiles.

Caseiros House SAMF Arquitectos Коридор Синій
SAMF Arquitectos

Caseiros House

SAMF Arquitectos

Why should bathrooms have all the patterned floor tile fun? It might be a little out there and unusual to choose dramatic floor tiles for your living room, but if they are going to be the main focal point, what harm can it do? You can also add rugs, to soften or amplify the effect, but we love them on their own. What a statement!

5. Polished concrete.

Cool and sophisticated, polished concrete floors have gained a lot of popularity and not just because they can be a little more cost-effective than some options! The swirling patterns that the polishing process creates look almost like art and when you know that underfloor heating works perfectly with concrete, you have the recipe for toasty toes success!

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