8 brilliant ideas for your basement

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We don't want you to overlook the potential that your basement has to offer, in terms of adding an unusual and secret haven to your home. Yes, we know that a lot of people could do with an extra bedroom or two, but let's sidestep all the practicality for a moment and enjoy some indulgent ideas, shall we? We think that any interior designer would love a client that wanted something really out of the ordinary in their basement, so if you think you've got a creative side ready to be unleashed, it could be you! Let's give you some wild, whacky and wonderful ideas, shall we?

1. The ultimate games room.

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Who wouldn't want to walk down some stairs, only to come face-to-face with a pool table, a darts board and all manner of other cool games? Add a few arcade machines and a pinball game and you'd have trouble getting your friends to leave!

2. A private home gym.

Health and fitness is important but who doesn't feel at least a little self conscious using a public gym? You can bypass all that embarrassment and still get your dream body, by building yourself a private gym, in your basement. We might even go the extra mile and add a sauna too!

3. A grown ups-only dining room.

The family dining room is fun, sociable and pretty, but it's not exactly the right setting for an upmarket dinner party with all of your friends, is it? With that in mind, how about creating a subterranean haven that is perfect for impressing even your most discerning guests?

4. A self-contained rental studio.

If you could use a little help paying the mortgage, your basement could be the answer! Building a self-contained studio apartment down there and renting it out will generate a whole extra income for you while putting som edead space to great use as well. 

5. A super cool playroom.

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Why should us adults have all the fun? If you have kids, we think they would bestow you with some serious cool parent points, if you transform the basement into a playroom just for them! A few sofas, some shelves for all the games and a table is all you'd need.

6. A comprehensive laundry space.

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P-SLOT—Wall Shelving System

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So few of us have enough space for a dedicated laundry room, but a basement conversion could be the solution. By opening up the space, you could have access to untold amounts of storage and shelving, not to mention more than enough room for all your machines.

7. A swish home cinema.

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Basement Cinema

Wilkinson Beven Design

We're getting to the really luxury ideas now and chief amongst them is a private home cinema, below decks! Naturally dark, your basement is a great location for a cinema and you can choose whether to go old fashioned, with reclaimed seats, or modern with comfy cuddling sofas. A popcorn maker is non-negotiable though!

8. A private pool.

Private Residence, London Clement Windows Group Вікна
Clement Windows Group

Private Residence, London

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Finally, how about a real surprise contender? Can you imagine people's faces when they discover that you have a basement swimming pool? More than that, just picture how lovely it would be to have a dip every day, without having to parade around in yore bathing suit! This is the ultimate fantasy basement idea, don't you agree?

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