​20 ideal TV rooms for modern homes

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Say what you will about the modern style, but it is just so practical! As it makes use of linear designs and neutral hues (mostly), it lends a visual spaciousness to any room. And that functionality gets boosted so much more when natural lighting and additional legroom get added to the finished result…

Today we take the modern style and apply it to one of the more practical rooms of any house: the TV room (for some households that can be the living room, while others are fortunate enough to have enough space so that they have their own individual TV room). 

Let’s gather some fresh inspiration with these 20 examples that show how the combination of the typical elements present in any TV room (TV, sofa, coffee table, lighting fixtures, etc.) can result in numerous copy-worthy ideas, including: 

• Furniture layout with the emphasis on a focal point (in this case, the TV), 

• Furnishings and décor pieces contributing to the colour palette, 

• Ideal placement of sound systems and speakers, 

• Optimum layout ideas for small TV rooms, and many more…



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