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​10 economical ideas to fix or create a beautiful garden

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A beautiful garden is a dream for most of us. We all love gardens and want to have a spectacular garden in our home, but… we believe that it is an expensive affair to build one. What if we say that you can create a beautiful garden without spending a huge amount? Is it hard to believe? Well, it shouldn’t be. To build a beautiful garden you need proper planning. If planned well, it could be built in limited budget.

In this ideabook, we have come up with a few suggestions of creating a beautiful low-budget garden for your home. All you need is to designate a space for the garden, set the budget and start the work.

1. Maintain a lush green lawn with a few strategically placed shrubs

A well manicured lawn with a few shrubs, potted plants or any plants of your choice will make your garden beautiful. We recommend a pathway of stones to enhance its natural beauty.

2. A small Zen-inspired garden in a corner

An Oriental style garden in a corner will spread peace and tranquillity in your home. It is a low-cost and low-maintenance option, as there’s no lawn that requires regular maintenance.  

Covered with sand and gravel adorned with some green plants and stone sculptures, this is amazingly beautiful.

3. A small little garden in an unused space

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That little stretch of your backyard or the one between the home and boundary wall can be creatively used for a small garden. 

Prepare the garden by laying down gravel and a walkway of stone slabs. Remember to place the taller plants at the end and near the wall and the smaller ones in the front. Which plants to opt for? Well, that’s completely up to you!

4. Green wall, stones and a pair of garden chair

That earthy feeling of stones beneath your feet, the freshness of greenery on the wall and a pair of chairs for relaxing with a cup of tea – who wouldn’t want to spend some time here?

5. Give a makeover to your side garden

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A spectacular garden can be created in the side space of a house. Be creative and make the path of gravel and stone slabs. Choose different colours to make the gravel more striking. 

For the plants, same rule applies here; larger plants near the walls and smaller ones in the front. Show your creativity and opt for plants with different colours, shapes and sizes – there is so much beauty in diversity!

6. Lighten up the garden

A garden with no grass is easier and less expensive to maintain. Depending on the design of the garden, you can also place some lamps to lighten up the area. But you don’t have to install expensive lamps, as even simple, inexpensive lights will brighten up your beautiful garden.

7. Portable planters full of plants

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Instead of investing money in buying pots for plants and creating a new garden, why not check your house for some recyclable material lying around? A few containers are all that’s needed to give your garden a quick makeover, as they can fulfil the part of potters. 

Another advantage here is that you can move some of them indoors to style up, say, your kitchen as well.

8. Decorate your garden with colourful plants and flowers

Make your garden more appealing with some colours – this little stone fence is quite the unique touch, and look how its soft, off-white hues contrast with the cool greens and warm, bright tones of the plants.

9. A simple garden in the front

A tease of greens at the front of your house’s façade can add the perfect touch.

10. Curvy little garden of stones and shrubs

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Convert the corner of your lawn into a bright, colourful and curvy garden. Make it interesting by planting the plants according to height and play with various colours. 

Just keep in mind that too much variation can be confusing. Thus, don’t combine too many different flowers and plants that will result in cluttered look. 

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