5 easy ways to make a hot room cooler

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During summer months, the heat can be unbearable. Little can be done to avoid the scorching heat in the streets, and sometimes, the only relief can be to stay at home. The heat may not be so bad when you’re on the move and busy during the day, but relaxing and sleeping at night can be a challenge in a scorching hot room. Ventilation is a big part of creating a comfortable home for all the residence.

In tropical countries like the Philippines, figuring out how to make a hot room cooler can be tricky. Temperatures can shoot up in a moment’s notice at any time of the year. Here are a few tips to make things easier for you.

Fans for the living space

C&C House_Self-construction manual. ariasrecalde taller de arquitectura Спальня
ariasrecalde taller de arquitectura

C&C House_Self-construction manual.

ariasrecalde taller de arquitectura

For homes without airconditioning, the first option in solving how to make a room cooler is to buy a fan. Depending on the design of the room, residents can opt for ceiling fans or standing fans. While the former can make a larger space more breezy, the latter can cool down a specific spot directly.

If the room is still very warm, place an ice bucket in front of the appliance so that the air cools down when it passes through it. Remember that the fan should only be turned on when necessary and there are people in the room, since the engine can heat up the room faster.

Close the house during the day

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During hot days, heat can accummulate inside the house and make much it more stifling. If left open to the blistering heat, the residence can feel like a saunca by the time you get home from work. To keep the sun from boiling up the house too much, you should close the windows, lower the blinds, and open awnings and umbrellas during the day.

Then, when the night arrives, it’s time to uncover the house. Raise the blinds and open the windows to let the chill of the night inside. If you have windows on both sides of the home, open them all to create cross ventilation throughout the space up to the bedroom.

White curtains

In figuring out how to cool a room, sometimes the solution is incredibly simple: curtains. If you don’t block the windows during the day, sunlight can enter unobstructed and warm the room. Specifically, white curtains made of lightweight material are a great choice as dark textiles can absorb heat quite easily and warm the room too much. Blinds and shutters can also work. You may also want to invest in blackout curtains, which naturally insulates the room where they’re installed.

Meanwhile if your curtains are too thick, you can get a mosquito net to be safe from annoying insects and sleep soundly through the night. Here in the Philippines, mosquitoes can be common in many provinces.

Wet the floor and open the windows

Some quirky tricks can be key in knowing how to cool a hot room fast. At night – when you open the windows in bedrooms without air-conditioning – scrub and wipe the floor of the room with water before you fall asleep. If your bedroom has a balcony or terrace, you may also do the same here. This way, the temperature in the house can drop by a few degrees during the night.

Sleep on the ground floor

Bedrooms are usually on the upper floors of multi-storey residences. However, if the house still feels like a sauna despite applying our handy tips, perhaps it’s time to take drastic measures. To create a restful place to sleep, choose a bedroom on the lower floors where it tends to be cooler. For people who are only just building their new house, ask your architect to put the bedroom downstairs. If the house has a basement, a sofa bed here can serve as a temporary sleeping spot.

Now that you know how to ventilate a hot room on your own, read our tips on how to keep your home cool without air-conditioning.

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