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20 modern kitchens with marble and granite countertops

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When designing your kitchen, you'll always need to plan for your workspace, and granite countertops are probably one of the most popular choices. Marble in the kitchen looks sleek, sophisticated and stylish enough to stand the test of time. But, when you're planning your granite countertop, there are plenty of colours to choose from to suit a modern space, something a bit more eclectic and even the rustic home. Let's have a look at these 20 amazing modern kitchens for tips and tricks to enhance your home. Marble or granite kitchens are durable and elegant, so let's be inspired.

1. A kitchen with granite countertop

Amarillo Interiorismo КухняШафи і полиці

Contrasting colours usually works quite well in the kitchen. The black stained wood cabinets are the perfect balance against the granite countertop.

2. Strip of wall tiles

Amarillo Interiorismo КухняШафи і полиці

Granite countertops shouldn't be the only means of drawing attention to decor in the modern kitchen, these lovely wall tiles above the counter are equally attractive.

3. The perfect complement for light-coloured wood

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Beyond the strength and durability of granite worktops, this material is also available in a variety of shades. If you have chosen furniture in light wood colour, you can combine it with a sand-coloured countertop.

4. With dark wood

Amarillo Interiorismo КухняШафи і полиці

Granite countertops are also versatile enough to be paired with darker wooden hues too. This dark grey is an ideal complementary shade.

5. Red to brighten the kitchen

Amarillo Interiorismo КухняШафи і полиці

Since the kitchen is supposed to be creative space, how about a vibrant shade of red to decorate the countertop. Include granite and your kitchen will look amazingly modern too.

6. Redwood

Amarillo Interiorismo КухняШафи і полиці

Redwood can be combined with a light-coloured granite countertop for a classic kitchen style, which is practical and functional.

7. Marble loving

T + T Arquitectos Кухня

This kitchen exudes elegance and sophistication and the addition of a marble countertop in this kitchen ensures that it will last a lifetime.

8. Stone

Granite can be used throughout kitchens to enhance and decorate, this counter is made entirely of the durable material.

9. With white

Axios Arquitectos Кухня

White kitchens look chic and cosy, but with the grey hue of granite for the worktop, the design is complete. 

10. The kitchen island

Ancona + Ancona Arquitectos Кухня

Open plan living spaces or modern homes often mean an eating area is vital in the kitchen. Here we see a kitchen island that is neatly fitted with a dining area, essential for those quick meals.

​ 11. Wrapping marble


If you are looking for a kitchen with a sensational design, this example is perfect for you. The marble draws attention to the central island and wraps around the space in wonderful detail.

12. Granite worktop

An excellent way to enhance the aesthetic aspect of the use kitchen and granite is by not limiting it to the countetop, here we see it being used instead of tiles on the wall.

13. Mosaic tiles

Amarillo Interiorismo КухняШафи і полиці

The light granite countertop softens the rest of the décor, while the cabinets and drawers are decorated in a dark walnut hue, making this kitchen pretty and charming.

​ 14. Two tone

Amarillo Interiorismo КухняШафи і полиці

You don't have to stick with just one colour for your cabinets, opt for white and brown doors and enhance your kitchen with a reddish toned granite countertop. 

15. The narrow


Wood, granite and white furniture are the main ingredients of this awesome layout and design.

16. Industrial

Grey may dominate this kitchen, but it's the marble kitchen island and linear design that makes it eye-catching.

17. Spaciou kitchen

G7 Grupo Creativo Кухня Білий

Cook up a storm in this exquisite kitchen that includes modern design, clean lines and an eclectic splash of red for that personal touch.

18. Double and granite worktop

Grupo PZ Кухня

U-shaped kitchens tend to offer a collected and practical space. This one is bathed in natural light, and one of its distinguishing features is the double height of a granite countertop.

19. Black and grey

LDC Arquitectura Кухня Метал Дерев'яні

Black and grey are the most common colours of granite countertops and this kitchen also incorporates them into the rest of the furniture.

​20. A magnificent central island

Encuentro Estudio Moron Saad Кухня

The final homify feature today shows how granite can be used for the worktop and walls along the kitchen cupboards. How about these 11 counters that make small kitchens perfect?

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