6 older homes with a modern twist

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6 older homes with a modern twist

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
by Boite Maison Сучасний
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Although many homes look amazing with a rustic decor, there are some features and fixtures that are just outdated and no longer trendy, especially in older homes. In this homify article, we visit 6 homes that have undergone a dramatic change, making them sleek and sophisticated enough for a millennial. These home transformations are filled with tips and tricks to guide your own house upgrade. Let's see which professional ideas work for your renovation plan to get your home looking more modern and stylish again.

1. Before: Old and heavy

сучасний  by SuMisura, Сучасний

This home resembles old fashioned living in every corner. From the wooden table to the display cabinet for fine china and even the ugly curtain that doesn't add any style to the space. The darker wood overwhelms the small space and although it is rustic, it isn't actually attractive.

After: Light and elegant

by SuMisura Сучасний

Since the transformation, this living room is filled with vibrant illumination and sophisticated furniture in a beautiful monochrome colour scheme. The old tiled floors were replaced with laminate and flowing white transparent curtain enhances natural light throughout the day.

2. Before: No charm

Realizzazioni by homeSbattistella Сучасний



The old fashioned TV and furniture may have a realistic design in that it is an authentic vintage design, but it certainly does nothing for the living space in terms of charm.

2. After: Simply beautiful

Realizzazioni by homeSbattistella Сучасний



Warm colours, white and trendy decor are essential in restyling a living room. Sometimes it just take a few simple elements, such as a new sofa, fresh coat of paint and a pretty chandelier to add character and personality to an interior. Include a pot plant while you're at it and complete that revitalised design.

3. Before: Hidden potential

There's no such thing as a room that is too far gone, each space regardless of how old and unfashionable it may be has the ability and potential to look amazing. It just means you'll need to think out of the box.

After: Classic and modern

If ultra-modern doesn't appeal to you, then the classic is a cosy alternative that will get your home trendy and tasteful, but timeless too. These ivory-toned sofas and Persian carpet are the perfect fit for a living room with this much natural light.

4. First: Suffocating

by Boite Maison Сучасний

Less furniture and accessories are required when your home is small, but that's a minimalist way of thinking of course! This room will look awesome with far less clutter, but let's take a look at the end result.

After: Modern rusticity

by Boite Maison Сучасний

Brighter illumination, a lighter colour on the walls and sleek, minimalist furniture creates a stylish living room that is now the epitome of luxury and modern style. The tones of turquoise from the floors has been incorporated into the furniture leaving the space pretty and eye-catching.

5. Before: Untidy

This room was used to store bicycles and tools, but wait until you see how it is transformed!

After: Young and trendy!

The living room and open plan dining area include varying shades of grey and charcoal, along with black and yellow for a trendy decor that is fit for a young professional couple who adore all things eclectic.

6. Before: Underutilised space

класичний  by INNEN LEBEN, Класичний

A spacious home is usually a pleasure to decorate, but with a few adjustments this living room is dramatically different and even more welcoming.

After: Sensational

by INNEN LEBEN Класичний MDF

Although some of the furniture, such as the sofas and coffee table were kept in this home. The TV was mounted against the wall and lovely lighting was included to highlight the luxurious colour scheme and elegant layout. It's now the best place in the house! Here are some ideas: How can I separate the kitchen from the living room?

by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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