A tropical dream house

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A tropical dream house

Alvaro V Alvaro V
by Studio MK27 Сучасний
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Immersed in its context, the V4 house by Studio MK27 from Brazil,  is a one floor level living space, and extends on both ends of its site; taking advantage of the program and integrating the garden to good use as well. Almost invisible from the street above, this tropical house house has been cleaverly sunk to the lower level creating magical spaces that are able to provide varied atmospheres for recreation and living. Creating a well defined demarcation between both, the private and the public, the living spaces almost feel sandwiched between two thin concrete wafers, are extremely transparent while the private spaces are enclosed by a wooden perforated box and provide a very intimate atmosphere for privacy and comfort. The shape of the house beautifully encloses the garden, and allows a clear view across both ends of the property, setting a new benchmark in open plan living design let us take a look..

On the top

by Studio MK27 Сучасний

A mimimal wall cantilevered stone stair leads to the roof, which is clad with wood and the ideal space for small get-together's and meetings with family friends. The unobstructive 360 degree view that the roof deck offers is unmatched to the neighbouring houses, the violet couches on the roof defnitley bring in a retro feeling into this landscape, and create a perfect place to sitdown, relax, and watch the evening fade away into the night.

Dining with charm

by Studio MK27 Сучасний

It very obvious, that the landscape has been an integral part of the design decisions made in the planning of the house.The dinning space with a large wooden glazed table top and cane chairs accentuate even more that tropical feeling,  to match up to the lush green vegetation outside. What a pleasure to have a meal in this lush green haven.

Environmental lighting

by Studio MK27 Сучасний

As the evening begins to fade away, the house presents itself in a new light. Floor embedded garden lights guide one to the staircase that leads to the roof, the bare concrete ceiling below is bathed in warm shades of yellow lighting; making it seem almost floating between the floor below, and the dense thick green canopy above.

Fading into the night

by Studio MK27 Сучасний

As we regress deeper into the night and all the natural lights fade away, emerges subtly a very picturesque image from the outside. The the living room lit with just the bare lighting required, the furniture from within begins to dominate the scene. The most striking element are the two metal columns that seems to hold the entire roof, making it feel like a thin wafer facilitating the wind and the nature around to breathe right through its core. The two parallel edges of the house seem almost seamless in visual perception. Truly one with the landscape around.

Retro living

by Studio MK27 Сучасний

This living room is not your standard living room. It's attention to detail, choice of colours, and fabulous retro furnishings definitely make it an example of perfect modern day open living room design. The two green retro armchairs with inclined armrests, and the black suspended chimney are the most conspicuous elements in the entire composition. It almost feels like a painting where every element is a part with the whole.

A nature bath

by Studio MK27 Сучасний

Having a bathroom with a innergarden is truly a fantastic showering experience. Nature seems to envelope this house everywhere, even in the most intimate of spaces, making it feel so natural. Bringing in green into the bathroom gives the space a very soothing feeling, and truly turns it into a space to relax and rejuvinate after that tough day at work. With a magnificent free-standing white bath tub, placed delicatley on the elegantly dressed wooden laminated floor, this bathroom is truly full of wonder. What a pleasure to spend some quite moments and refresh yourself here.


by Studio MK27 Сучасний

Before we leave this heavenly abode, we take a  last impression across the garden. On one side, a sleek timber box is engulfed by thin perforated wooden panels containing the most intimate spaces of the house, the bedrooms. These are shaded from direct sunlight from the outside and hence much cooler . Wood and concrete used thoughtfully in the details across the structure, bring the much needed warmth needed into a family living space.The perforated wooden paneled wall very intelligently creates a distinction between the public and the private, yet unified in appearance.

For another beautiful example of a tropical house,  take a look at the idea book on a beach house full of wonder here.

by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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