A family bungalow gets a stunning loft

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Surélévation de 90m², Pixcity Pixcity
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Everyone could benefit from an in-laws suite, or a rental suite, on their property, but few people have enough room in their homes. Well, with brilliant additions like this loft, anyone can bring in extra money from a rental property, or take care of family members in their old age. If you have a bungalow, it's entirely possible you can put a loft on-top. This design comes with a full kitchen, bathroom, and single bedroom, perfect for the in-laws, or for a single renter. Let's take a look. 

Before: Exterior

Surélévation de 90m², Pixcity Pixcity

This is the home's exterior before the addition. It looks like the roof is in need of repair, and the landscaping needs some sprucing up, so the architects took care of both those needs too. 

After: Exterior

Surélévation de 90m², Pixcity Pixcity

A whole second floor has been built on top of the existing home. The old roof has been replaced with a new one. The dead tree and the bushes (which needed constant trimming) have been replaced with low-maintenance greenery. There isn't even a lawn to cut anymore! 

After: Rear view

Surélévation de 90m², Pixcity Pixcity

From the backyard, the home casts a much larger shadow than it did before.But, the second level matches the existing home's palette perfectly, it looks truly seamless. The separate entrance to the loft can be seen on the left-- it's that stair case. 

Loft Entrance

Surélévation de 90m², Pixcity Pixcity

Not only is convenient stair a separate entrance, it's rich stain brings warmth to the garage, making it feel more like a proper entry-way. The tenants, or family members, who have moved in also get their own nook in the backyard. A potted plant, small table, and decorative rocks, define the space. You can find more ideas for bungalow entryways in our gallery. 

Living space

Surélévation de 90m², Pixcity Pixcity

The loft has ultra-modern living space, complete with lightly stained flooring and bold red accents. It's a lot bigger in here than we imagined it would be.

Living room

Surélévation de 90m², Pixcity Pixcity

A small pivot reveals the living room, on the right. There's enough room there for some bold chairs and a modern coffee table. From this angle you can see the all-white kitchen too, which has more than enough room for a couple or single person to cook. 


Surélévation de 90m², Pixcity Pixcity

So many home additions skimp on bedroom space, but not this one. There's enough room to walk all the way around the double bed, and plenty of space to store wardrobes and bedside tables. The use of grey in this room makes it a more calming, soft, space than the living area. It's perfect! 

If you're considering new design options for your home then take a look at our guide on how to modernize your bungalow

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