A traditional London home with an unexpected interior

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Chelsea House - London, Prestige Architects By Marco Braghiroli Prestige Architects By Marco Braghiroli Будинки
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A classic never goes out of style – that’s the general consensus when it comes to timeless pieces, whether it’s a song, film or classical-style house. And that is proven to us yet again by today’s homify 360° piece: a classic residential structure that, we are willing to bet, will still be considered timeless and elegant in 50+ years from now.

London team Prestige Architects By Marco Braghiroli is in charge of this beauty, which takes up a not-too-shabby area space of 160 m². So, come meet the Chelsea House.

A rich exterior look

What a delightful look on the outside, coating the house’s façade in brick that flaunt not only colour and texture, but also delicious pattern, immediately tickling our interest. 

Perfect gardening touches like shrubs and fresh green plants add some contrast while also styling up the house’s kerb appeal.

A classic kitchen

Ah, shaker-style cabinets! A firm favourite for many, including us, when it comes to kitchens that want a look-at-me style without being too in-your-face about it. 

And the perfectly placed lighting fixtures go a long way in showing us how the right lighting can style up just about any corner. 

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A cosy dining space

We’re off to the dining room, and although this is not the most spacious room we’ve ever seen, the elegant style and serene ambience definitely make up for the lack of legroom. Only a handful of décor pieces have been used to style up this area, ensuring the focus is, instead, on the available spaces instead of knickknacks.

A brilliant little home office

Now this is really one home office / study we can see ourselves in, either sitting comfortably at the desk while catching up on some deadlines, or relaxing on that built-in bench (hello, increased storage opportunities!) reading a novel.

Notice how the rich, warm brown tones of the desk and wall shelf contrast with the snow whites of the bench and wardrobe.

Let’s scope out a few more rooms, shall we?

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