Wooden staircases that WOW!

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Wooden staircases that WOW!

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
by STRUKTURA Łukasz Lewandowski Сучасний
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Wood is a fantastic material to include in your home, not least because it adds unique style and warmth, but how you introduce it can be crucial. While many people will look to have wooden floors or even furniture pieces, we think there is an architectural item that always looks stunning when completed in wood. We are talking about your stairs!

Wooden stairs can help tie natural materials seamlessly into your design scheme, make a lovely stylish statement and thanks to the plethora of styles that are available to choose from, you will definitely be able to to opt for something that will not only fit with your current decor, but also future proof your home against. After all, wood is a timeless classic!

1. Floating steps

Here is an image of a modern, minimalist staircase. This idea of a floating staircase has gained popularity over time as the exclusion of a hand rail creates a spacious effect, making the stairs look more attractive. This effect is achieved as the bulky structure of the hand rail which usually takes up a great deal of space has been removed. The stairs is therefore constructed of just steps, creating an almost smoother passage and translucent appeal through the room.

2. Country style

This great country style staircase allows the aesthetic potential of the wood to be fully appreciated. The idea allows the fantastic material to be placed in a stunning located within the room, the example here sees the wooden stairs placed right in the visual centre of the room… something rarely seen. However, when it is planned in this manner, the placement will ensure excellent results.

3. Removable for small spaces

by RI-NOVO Рустiк Дерево Дерев'яні

Presenting another kind of stairs… here we have an idea that highlights originality, by simply putting two well-known ideas together it makes for a surprising result. This ladder-like idea may be used as a permanent element, although it may not necessarily be fixed in place.

4. Wall mounted and traditional

скандинавський  by EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades, Скандинавський Бамбук Зелений
EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades

MindStep by ​EeStairs®

EeStairs | Stairs and balustrades

This modern and original staircase has been designed by the wonderful professional experts EeStairs. This time they have created a staircase, the kind that will be a topic of conversation in any circle.

These amazing stairs offer us an all in one, original and attractive design, while at the same time it has an pleasant enough appearance to be used in an office, and also has enough space to avoid the problems that often result from any usual stairs designed today.

5. Simple lines

сучасний  by SPEZIALE SCALE, Сучасний Дерево Дерев'яні

These steps have so much style, it is unbelievable that it does not overshadow the rest of the room. The brilliant use of space, innovative design and use of excellent wood makes this stairs a classic choice. The key here is the agreement between material and style throughout the space, which helps the atmosphere seems more open.

For more inspiration, find out: Which Staircase Fits The Best To My Home?

6. Dual materials

by metal brut Iндустріальний Залізо / сталь

These steps represent the current design, with a somewhat crazy but practical idea being implemented. This idea is different enough from the standard to draw attention, but will also provide looks of confusion. A great example of how you can always be innovative, you only need to find ways to do so.

7. Splendid spiral

by Mob Сучасний

We end this Ideabook today after admiring and enjoying the inspirational designs of some truly beautiful wooden stairs, each staircase is spectacular and a great use of space, while being subtle and discreet. This spiral stairs showcased in the image is practical, since it makes the most the dimensions of the house and once all other elements of the room have been added such as decorative ornaments and furniture this room will look complete.

by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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