How to decorate your home using black

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Some people might shrivel away from the thought of having black in their home, but others might want to rise up to the challenge and try out a new and very different way of decorating a home. With dashes of black that will inspire the same elegance as lavish and stylish black tie event would, the dark and sultry elements of black are at play in the following images that prove that sleek and refined elements welcome the misconceived shade of black.

Tuxedo room

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Black and white is and shall always remain a timeless classic that will last through the ages of time. The open air effect of this room has been marvellously captured by the designers of this room where dashes of black coexist stunningly with the white surroundings. Just like a tuxedo, the black and white of this dining room leave a lasting impression of sophisticated tastes. This room is ready for every type of black tie gathering.

Textured black

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The current image is of a bathroom with a edge, as a matter of fact it is a bathroom built with textured and edged walls that promote the intimacy and seclusion that a bathroom requires. There is something quite mystical and inviting about this room that stands as a grand statement  of elegance for the home it is in. For this image the designers, SK Architectural Visualization, only needed to chose a textured wall covering that creates much personality for this bathroom.

Sleek kitchen

A modern kitchen in rural location Urban Myth Кухня
Urban Myth

A modern kitchen in rural location

Urban Myth

When straight lines meet with elegant and glossy surfaces, one finds this sleek and stylish kitchen. Black might not always be the first choice on everyone's mind, but when properly lit, a space such as this kitchen can radiate modernity and elegance. To enhance the effect of the glistening black surfaces of the cabinets and countertop of this kitchen, the designers have opted for one splash of colour that assuredly enhances the room's sleek ambiance.

Sophistication in the living room

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This one is quite the stunner! The mystique and splendour that surrounds this room is astounding and oh so lavishly done. Comfortable glossy velour sofa throne proudly among the dark and alluring surroundings of this living room. Also, to add to that effect, a majestic overhead chandelier that resembles hanging icicles promotes the intimate and sophisticated atmosphere that reins supreme in this black living room.

Modern black

Since black is the quintessential tone that can be matched to any other of the colour spectrum, it can be coordinated with various types of materials as well. For this image, the suave and endearing black is harmonised with the warm and Nature filled tone of wood. The cosy chestnut brown of the wood brings out brilliantly the charm of the black layered walls and the polished  bathtub. Modernism has a home in this stylish bathroom where the effortlessly sleek meets the graceful.

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