This off-grid B.C. home will leave you speechless

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Inspired by the sweep of the shoreline and orientation to the sun, this home is one giant oval, with a sunny open courtyard in the centre. Long bookshelves wrap around the home, making for one huge library hence the moniker – Book Lovers home. Better yet, the home's cozy spaces are perfect for curling up with a book, especially the quaint living room.

Blue Sky Architecture, the architects behind this unique 2,000 square foot building focused on creating a home that would work in harmony with its natural surroundings. The whole home is off the grid, and fitted with solar panels. In so many ways, this home is a marvel.

For this oval home, we've decided to begin our tour in the centre. This is the courtyard, with a stone path through a perfectly manicured landscape that leads to the interior of the home.

Once you step inside, the magnificent library is clear. Five rows of books line the wall from top to bottom, so even the most dedicated bibliophile will have enough space.

This 3D rendering will help you get a feel for the floor plan of the home. As you can see, the green space in the centre is huge, bigger than the rest of the living space combined!

Here are those solar panels, providing completely independent energy to this off-grid home. The circular layout of the home comes in handy here, as you can line the edge with the panels.

This home isn't all high-tech. It hugs the shoreline and is surrounded by old trees that give both privacy and a great natural atmosphere.

On one side of the home, there's a cliff. The remainder of the site was left as a natural forest.

These hallways stretch on and on. It's the perfect opportunity to lay down your favorite rugs. We love how warm the wood makes the space feel.

The kitchen is circular too! It's not just stylish, it makes for a kitchen space that is easy for more than one person to cook in. There's tons of counter space!

The mixture of wood and navy make for a cozy space, while the huge windows bring in tremendous light.

From the other side, you can really get a feel for how tall these ceilings are!

Ready to walk out the other side of the home?

Finally we've arrived at the front of the home. It has a quaint pathway, while the front windows reflect the sky to beautiful effect.

The architects connected the separate elements of this home with garden walls and trellis structures. No one needs to be fenced in when they live on an island!

We have another home surrounded by nature for you to tour. As a bonus, it can be built in a single day! 

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