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The best backyard ideas for your homes

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Everyone may agree that the yard is one of our favorite areas at home. Except for scorching high noon, you can expect to find refuge in your own backyard anytime of the day. There's bound to be cool shade, some rejuvenating gardening, birds tweeting, and depending on your fencing, much needed privacy. Hence, there's still work to be done in terms of giving your backyard a functional design that's maximized for chilling and recreation. Here are seven backyard inspirations to get you started! 

Connect your interiors with the outdoors.

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Open your kitchen and dining into the backyard with wood deck floors (for cooler steps) that flow seamlessly into the manicured grass. Close your eyes and feel the breeze, especially in the evenings, waft in and keep your family cook during dinner time.

Recreate the house rear into a veranda

The kitchen is usually located at the very back of the house. This makes it easier to turn the rearmost space at home into your special social quarters -- a wall-free, open floor recreational nook such as a lounge where you can cook, mix drinks and entertain anywhere between a party of five and an SRO crowd.

For a limited space, a reading corner will do.

For compact homes or apartments with restricted yard space, a compact but cozy reading corner will make enough difference. Place a seat or sofa close to the wall and bookend it with potted plants. Choose white for the linen primarily for a fresher, lazier stretch. See, less space is not a problem. 

Choose a long swimming pool design.

Floreat Residence Moda Interiors Тераса
Moda Interiors

Floreat Residence

Moda Interiors

If your backyard is large enough, then a swimming pool makes for a great addition to your home. If your home is walled with glass like the one in the photo above, then take a minute to imagine what it'd be like to look through those glass panels and see the glittering blue waters beckoning your for a swim? 

Don't waste a breathtaking view.

The residents of this home maximize the stunning seascape behind their home by installing as many weather-resistant seats as they can outdoors. This guarantees anyone can enjoy the awesome panorama regardless where they're sitting. 

Install a rustic island bar.

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Or take the BBQ grill into the center of the garden. If you click on the photo, you will see how the owners designed their backyard with a pavilion meant for large gatherings. The style, for both the pavilion and the island, is stark and rustic. Teh bare wood and concrete are spruced up by lush shrubbery.

Get yourself a courtyard.

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This last inspiration boasts a rustic vibe that calls a country villa garden into mind. If you have a lone tree in the backyard, why not install a table with hardwood chairs under it, add more potted plants or ask an expert to help you spread a circular stone mat to give the spot more character? 

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