A stylish double-storied house in Jodhpur

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Modern and innovative designs paired with tasteful furniture make this house one of a kind. The exterior appears lofty and inviting, while the interiors are cosy and visually arresting. Soothing neutral hues like white, grey and beige dominate this home to enhance its size and brightness. Dark wooden elements appear to make both aesthetic and functional statements. Bright lights add to the attraction of this creation by the architects at Maa Architects & Interior Designers.

Impressive facade

Large balconies with stylish glass balustrades add oodles of visual appeal to the lofty facade. They promise ample outdoor relaxation as well, and make for an open and airy look. Sleek lines, soft cream-hued walls and powerful lights make the property very attractive.

Artistic touches in wood

The sleek and fashionable woodwork on the wall in front of you is both visually appealing and functional, as it accommodates niches. The ceiling also wows with a pair of filigreed wooden panels, which look brilliant.

Elegant and cosy bedroom

Woods in light and dark tones have been combined to create a cosy and stylish ambiance in this bedroom. The trendy and large bed comes with a bench and storage drawers, and is very useful. The filigreed panels behind the bed add to the charm, while the dressing unit has an exclusive shape.

Stylish bed

Sea-green and backlit glass has been paired with dark wood and a cushioned headboard to lend this bed an extra edge. The bed features drawers underneath for storing bed linen, extra cushions, throws and more.  

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