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10 creative ways to refresh your home decor with a splash of colour

Leigh Leigh
by Insides Середземноморський
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We usually find neutral and sober tones in our interior environments, but sometimes injecting colour into a space can energize a home. 

So how do you manage this without overwhelming the interior design? Today we are going to find out. 

We've put together 10 tips from top professionals from around the world. You'll see all sorts of inspiration, learning how you can integrate colour into your home flawlessly.

Shall we take a look?

1. Colour in decorative elements

One of the biggest fallacies about interior decor is that colour should only be used for walls. On the contrary, you can brighten up your home by opting for white walls and very vibrant and colourful accessories. Cushions, carpets and green plants… there are all sorts of options!

2. Stick with a palette of tones

By sticking to a carefully selected palette of tones, you'll avoid colours that clash. Don't hesitate to use many complementary colours, however, including greens and purples.

As you can see in this bedroom, the result is stunning.

3. Don't use more than three colours at once

Apart from complementary colours, you must never mix more than three colours in the same room if you want a balanced look and feel.

You want complementary tones that enhance the space!

4. Don't overwhelm the space

by Disak Studio Iндустріальний

When entering a room, your eye will be drawn to strong focal points of colour. This is why you don't want to include several vibrant colours in one place.

Carefully think through the colours that you are going to incorporate in a living area and make sure you have a few items that pack a punch rather than any colours that overwhelm the space.

5. Play on contrasts

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013 by Design Intervention Колоніальний
Design Intervention

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013

Design Intervention

Playing on contrasts can be the key to successful decor. Whether it's textures, materials or colours, it often brings depth to your attempts at interior layout. As for colour, you can try to associate vibrant tones with an immaculate and neutral interior. 

As we can see here, the combination will always be a success!

6. Think carefully about the style that you want in your home

by Disak Studio Еклектичний

Do you want your home to be rustic, Mediterranean, industrial or contemporary? The colours that you pick need to go hand in hand with the style that you choose for your home.

For example, in this design, we can see how the black and white combination with a touch of pink makes for a very glamorous design.

7. Take into account the colours that already exist in your bedroom

When we want to introduce colours into our home, we need to think about the colours that already exist! Introducing a colour without considering the pre-existing colours is a very big mistake.

For example in this bedroom, we can see how the wallpaper has been considered before the green tones have been introduced.

8. Use your common sense

by homify Класичний

Use your common sense – don't mix colours like orange and red. 

You should use colours that work in harmony with one another. For example, here we can see how fuchsia, violet and purple work together. 

9. Blue lagoon and yellow sun

by Insides Середземноморський

This is a stunning room with colours from the Caribbean! 

Do you see how colours can influence your mood?  Who wouldn't be cheered up in this charming bedroom?

The touch of wood adds warmth and beauty too!

10. The yellow bathroom

Huddleston Road by Sam Tisdall Architects LLP Сучасний

This is a far cry from the traditional bathrooms that we have seen! The yellow walls revitalize the space in a very simple and effective way.

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