Why didn't I think of that? 10 creative home ideas

Leigh Leigh
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In this homify article today, we'll look at 10 small and large creative solutions for the home, all of which are as simple as they are functional.

These ideas suit all areas of the home, from the entrance to the living room. They are also ideas that have been implemented by top interior designers from around the world. They will teach us today how to make the most of unused walls, underused corridors and abandoned corners. 

To make the most of the interior of the home, follow us as we explore these pleasant, functional and comfortable designs.

Let's take a look!

1. Divide, expose and stow

Opt for wooden structures to enrich a partition wall with spaces for storage and displays. You can also add a bench, shelves and hanging space. This is a great way to make the most of a spare wall!

2. A wall system for the entrance

MN Residence deDraft Ltd Коридор
deDraft Ltd

MN Residence

deDraft Ltd

As we can see here, this wall is perfectly equipped to enrich the entrance of the home. It features hangers in a very creative shape as well as a shelf, which makes the most of vertical space. This is a great example of functionality and decor working together in fun way.

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3. Corner shelves

Turn your corners into storage space by adding shelves! You can keep books, decor items and family photographs on display.

4. The cellar under the stairs

Wine cellar beneath contemporary staircase Space Alchemy Ltd Винні підвали
Space Alchemy Ltd

Wine cellar beneath contemporary staircase

Space Alchemy Ltd

The space under the stairs turns into a gorgeous wine cellar in this modern design. Thanks to the wooden structure, the space has been completely utilized with special shelves built to accommodate bottles of wine. 

The geometric lines and circular shapes are enhanced by the lights built into the design. What an incredible visual impact!

5. The equipped corridor

In this image, we can see how the walls of the corridor can be transformed thanks to the hollowed out niches and the abundance of shelves. The niches add depth and practicality to the corridor.

6. Shelves to furnish the entire wall

Here we can see how shelves give life to the walls, turning them into libraries or displays for photographs and accessories. This is a simple but effective way of decorating a living room. It also utilizes vertical space.

7. Cabinets and seating for enriching the stairs

Townhouse Interior Design, Putney Bridge, London Residence Interior Design Ltd Будинки
Residence Interior Design Ltd

Townhouse Interior Design, Putney Bridge, London

Residence Interior Design Ltd

This is a very useful solution for under the stairs, with a built-in cupboard close to the front door. Here jackets, coats and other items can be stored neatly out of sight the moment you step through the door. 

The little bench provides a comfortable place for putting on shoes while the shelves create a small and charming library.

8. A small home office

homify Спальня

For those who do not have enough space to devote a whole room to a study, why not make one out of a spare corner in the house? 

Here we can see how a modular structure sits between the door and the shelves, combining functionality and aesthetic beauty.

9. Decorating the walls

Decorating the walls in a simple manner with pictures and paintings can be all you need to create a home full of personality and charm. It's also a great way to make the most of empty walls. 

Choose frames of different sizes, colours and shapes for a unique look and feel.

10. A new look for the entrance

E2 PAVILION ECO HOUSE, BLACKHEATH E2 Architecture + Interiors Коридор
E2 Architecture + Interiors


E2 Architecture + Interiors

A long and very simple low bookcase with geometric rectangular spaces can really enhance an entrance without overwhelming it. It can store all sorts of items, enriching the wall. Yet it still leaves the space feeling expansive, light and airy.

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