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Sometimes home décor can leave us feeling uninspired, without us being able to put a finger on why. Something just isn't working for the style of the home anymore – is it old? Has it gone out of fashion? Is it looking tired?

Whatever it is, it's bugging you. You can't figure out how to change it without spending tons of money. But you don't have to! Remember that often it's the small details that make the difference – even more so for decorating and furniture.

There are a number of small changes that you can make, which can transform a whole room in your home, without you having to throw any furniture out of the window. These little details can lead to a radical change in your home without you having to bleed your wallet dry.

So we hope that this book of ideas leaves your home looking much more beautiful after you've read it. There is a world of possibilities!

1. Change the layout of your furniture

This really will not cost you one cent. 

Try to reorganise the way that your furniture is positioned in your living room or bedroom. Take a day trying out how the couch looks on the opposite side of the room, how the dining room looks facing the other way and turning the dining room table around. The possibilities are endless and you'll be amazed by how a room can be transformed, so much so that you'll maybe even realise that you've had your furniture positioned in the wrong way all along! 

Changing the furniture around can create a whole new effect for a room. You can save space and you can change the look and feel with the same aesthetic elements… try it and see!

2. Change the sofa cushions and rug

decorazioni Вітальня

Our home textiles are very important when it comes to decorating our house. So much so that it can completely change the look if we change them!

Using the above image, by Decorazioni, as an example, look at how the cushions on the sofa work together with the rug – it creates a very interesting look, right? Well this is what we are trying to achieve.

Play with warm and bright colours, using a background of white, grey and black. Or introduce more neutral cushions and rugs in beige, brown, white or black and then paint the walls red, for example.

The change is immediate!

Renew your rugs, cushions and even the blankets thrown over the bed and you'll see the amazing effect that they have on the interior décor of the house.

3. Introduce new plants and flowers

Plants, flowers and the pots or vases containing them – how you distribute them throughout the house can change the whole ambiance and environment of a room.

These can be placed anywhere in the home, in the corridor between the living room and the bedroom, in the kitchen or even in the bathroom. 

A house without flowers does not have the same joy and vitality that a house with flowers has. And look at how beautiful your hall can look with plants!

Obviously it's not necessary to decorate every space in the house like this, but it helps to give it a bit of colour, a fresh feeling and warmth in a space. 

Tip: If you don't want to take up too much floor space, then hang your plants in a vertical space.

4. Reinvent your paintings and photographs

Clorofilia Вітальня

It's all very well to have the whole family pictured and for the family photos to be placed throughout the house, but try to reinvent your pictures and photographs.

You can achieve this with a little bit of discretion, such as placing the photographs together in collage, as seen here by Clorofilia. Group together small photo frames, big photo frames and medium photo frames and you'll end up with a very eclectic look and feel. Don't you think this is a great idea?

Find a way to give your paintings and photographs a face lift in all of the corridors and bedrooms. You can make a huge difference! 

5. New paint on the walls

labzona Спальня

Paint can become our greatest ally when it comes to redecorating a room. You also don't need great skills or to be an artist to change the colours of your main walls in your house, such as the bedroom. Just a little bit of skill with a paint brush and a bucket of paint and you can introduce colour and creativity into any space. If you do want something as elaborate and beautiful as the above image, we would suggest turning to the professionals, however!

Another great option for walls is to choose wallpaper: a simple feature that can bring endless types of patterns and colours to a room. Choose one that best suits your tastes and style! 

In addition, wallpaper is usually economical and the perfect alternative if you have a defect in the wall and no cash to fix it. 

Wallpaper can be cleaned easily and stands the test of time.

6. DIY furniture and décor

Fraktali ІлюстраціїІнші предмети мистецтва

Finally , we could not end off this book without mentioning the wonderful alternative of DIY (Do It Yourself).

A great way to entertain yourself in your spare time is to create new furniture that transforms your home, without spending too much money. This will give a room a breath of fresh air and will add something completely unique to the house.

An example is a washing machine drum. Yes, this was converted into a coffee table and used to store magazines.

Dare to use your hands and reinvent your home!

All done!

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