A brilliantly designed residence in Ahmedabad

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Interior of Nikhil Prajapati, Architects at Work Architects at Work Вітальня
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The architects at Architects at Work have brought you a very special home in Ahmedabad today. Unique wall decor installations, doors with laser cut designs, beautiful woodwork and stylish lighting make this residence a very lavish place to live in. Trendy furniture and sober hues dominate all rooms, making the interior soothing, comfortable and inviting.

Simply wow!

Dark wooden elements contrast the creamy white environment of this bedroom nicely. But what steals the show is the stunning and trendy wall decor in dark blue. The circular shapes lend a quirky feel to this space.

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Fashionable entrance

An elegant wooden door with golden leafy detailing greets you as you enter the house. The decorative and backlit pieces on the ceiling look very trendy too, and lend visual interest.

Stylish seating

Shaped in an unusual manner, this wood and grey seating allows you to relax easily while you take off your shoes before exploring further. The geometrically inspired metal and glass panel behind it is also very eye-catching.

Stunning living

Soft whites, greys and some dark touches come together in this spacious living area for a very sophisticated feel. A bunch of red flowers jazz up one corner, while the unique and geometric wall decor lends personality here. Bright lights shine down upon the seating, making it comfortable for entertaining guests.

Creative touches

These images allow you to appreciate the sleek and minimal TV unit as well as the laser cut design of the puja room doors. A glimpse into the prayer room also reveals creative woodwork and an ornately carved temple.

Designer bedroom

The sober colour palette of this cosy bedroom has been livened up by irregularly-shaped green seating. Creative wooden detailing on the floor, indirect lighting, an exotic wall panelling with stones and printed upholstery make this a very attractive space.

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