Every child is special so find a bed to match

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A child's bedroom will be the very first room they feel at home in. It is the place that marks the beginning and end of a day and where dreams manifest into games. As every child is inherently unique, so too should be their room, aligning with their distinctive personality. The bed will be a great start to reflect the exceptional nature of each child.

Picking a child’s bed that transcends its basic functions can be an entertaining endeavour for parents as they will be reminded of the little child that lurks in their hearts. They will be presented with beds that blend imagination with reality by creating mythical kingdoms, space operas and heroic adventures.

Besides fostering children's untamed imagination, there is another benefit to unique beds; they can be inspiring! A child having a space traveller bed might grow up to become a space explorer!

Let’s see some unique beds that can inspire your child!

Treehouse bedroom

KIDS TREEHOUSE BEDROOM BUNKBED in White Cuckooland Дитяча кімнатаЛіжка та дитячі ліжечка



All children love having a place of sanctuary… a space that can be private. Well, treehouses have always given kids that private space and as such the bedroom can double as one.

Wooden planks, nailed together in an asymmetrical fashion, can create the perfect treehouse bed for children of all ages. If you happen to have more than one child, the treehouse will be a perfect option to combine two beds and save space.

As shown, the bunk beds are masked under the treehouse, while the rest of the room remains uncluttered. The fact that the walls remain unpainted, showing off the exposed bricks, adds another dimension to the allure of a treehouse bedroom.

Build a knight's castle

Kinder- und Jugendmöbel für ein gesundes Raumklima , Allnatura Allnatura Дитяча кімнатаЛіжка та дитячі ліжечка

The heroism of knights, albeit exaggerated, always finds a special place in the heart of children. So, why not make a castle out of their bed? Of course, you don’t need to only focus on the bed as the only reference to knights! Let your imagination go wild. In the picture above, the bedroom has incorporated a castle into all of its features.

The wallpaper creates the illusion that the castle bed is in a forest, while the birch trunk and grass carpet add another element of nature into the bedroom. The wardrobe and shelves acquire the tower features of the bed to create a multidimensional depiction of the castle theme.

Castle for little princesses

While boys are usually more attracted to knights, girls are more fond of little princesses. Similar to the knight’s castle bedroom, the general theme of the room should be aligned with the concept of a little princess castle.

In the image above, for example, the room is dressed in stripes of white and pink to match the bed, while the bed incorporates a tower that acts as shelves and a battlement that serves as a play area.

Of course, a castle for little princesses doesn't have to be in the old fashioned pink and white hues, as modern depictions of old tales show these little princesses with a more empowered status.

Adventurous loft bed

Is there a child that doesn't love a good adventure? Their bedroom can become an adventurous story, full of twists and turns. In the image above, the wooden lofting bed simulates a courageous tale.

As with all good adventures, the child is given two choices; either use the stairs to climb or slide down with the rope hanging from the ceiling. The open space of the bedroom, taking blue colour accents, helps to add another layer in the adventures that will take place. If your child is a thrill seeker, the adventurous loft bed will be a match made in heaven!

Space traveller bed

Discovery Children's Space Rocket Cabin Bed Cuckooland Дитяча кімнатаЛіжка та дитячі ліжечка

Discovery Children's Space Rocket Cabin Bed


For little explorers a space traveller bed will be a perfect match. In the image above, we can see the bed incorporating a spacecraft, with the trunk dressed to create the amazing scenario of lift-off! The child will use the spacecraft as an entrance gate to the bed.

As for the rest of the room, the walls take the black accents of deep space with planets scattered right and left. Assuming that the child will have a fascination with space exploration, you can include globes in the room décor and solar system toys to give it an educational twist. Also, the ceiling can be dressed with stars that shine in the darkness!

Add a slide to the bed

Spielwelten für Kinder, Paidi Paidi Дитяча кімнатаЛіжка та дитячі ліжечка

A slide on a bed! Who would say no to that? Even adults sometimes catch themselves imagining sliding off their beds. To create a theme with slide to the bed, you can go for a pirate ship. Of course, for the slide to work, you will need a lofting pirate ship.

For the open space underneath the bed you can incorporate curtains with a sea theme, while the walls will take light hues of white and blue. As the image shows, you will might need another access point for the pirate ship/bed, such as stairs, as the slide will be for off-loading rather boarding. 


There is a special connection with kids and farms. Perhaps it’s the lovable animals and the unlimited playground it offers. Whatever the reason behind the connection, it seems a pretty good idea to bring the farmhouse as close as possible to your child. 

In the image above, the bed has been transformed into a farmhouse with a sliding rooftop, while it is surrounded by rolling curtains in green accents. A nice additional element is a faux window with pouches hanging from the bed railings for storage.

To complete the theme, the walls are painted in light brown hues, incorporating trees in their design. If you have any pets at home, the farmhouse themed bedroom will be a perfect place to create their shelter!

Bright colours and lots of storage

Compactos juveniles, Mueblalia Mueblalia Дитяча кімнатаЛіжка та дитячі ліжечка

As a child’s bedroom will need a lot of storage space, why not include a bed that will has multi-storage features? Given that bright colours are extremely stimulating for children, you can pick a bed that fosters the best of both worlds.

We love the bed in the image, above, with its three floors. On the first floor there is a desk with drawers underneath. On the second floor there is a shelf for all the books and paraphernalia of your child. On the third floor, there is the bed. Simple and effective!

The colour accents vary from light blue to electric yellow and white. It’s an innovative way to stimulate young minds whilst at the same time offering a great storage solution without sacrificing much needed space.

Sleeping in nature

The child bedroom in the rolling house Frédéric TABARY Дитяча кімнатаЛіжка та дитячі ліжечка Дерево Різнокольорові
Frédéric TABARY

The child bedroom in the rolling house

Frédéric TABARY

The connection of children with nature can be established by creating a bedroom that simulates a natural environment. The beneficial effects will be manifold for young kids as they will learn from a tender age of their inherent link with mother nature and it will act as a stimulant for their developing mind.

Take for example the image above, where wood dominates, both as planks covering the walls and as a tree trunk on the floor. The branches of the trunk are lost in the wooden ceiling to create the illusion of an growing tree that breaks the barriers of the room. Bird cages and lamps hang from ropes tied to the branches to make this experience of sleeping in nature feel almost as realistic as being outside.

Special lighting

Lakes By Yoo 2, Future Light Design Future Light Design Дитяча кімнатаЛіжка та дитячі ліжечка
Future Light Design

Lakes By Yoo 2

Future Light Design

For a science fiction themed bedroom you can install special lighting. You can take your cue from the image above, where four bunk beds are illuminated by cosy, yellowish LED lights from above the bedposts and on the walls. 

Also, secret lighting is installed in the gap between the ceiling and the bed's roof, emitting a blue flare across the room. It almost feels like the sleeping compartments of a space shuttle in the distant future! The trick to the special effect of hidden lighting is to create a small gap between the walls and furniture that will enable it to scatter its glow downwards, highlighting the room's features when other lighting fixtures are switched off. 

Children's bedrooms can become a unique representation of their own self-image, creating imaginary worlds that will act as educational gateways and playgrounds at the same time! 

For more child's bedroom inspiration, check out these: 6 Things Every Kid’s Bedroom Needs.

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