Turn up the heat in your bedroom with tropical decor

Leigh Leigh
Casa Xixim, Specht Architects Specht Architects Спальня
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Tropical decor can be the thing you need to give your home that wow factor. In fact tropical is very, very hot right now!

This is why the best place to implement tropical decor is in your bedroom, giving it a very stylish and refreshing look and feel. You also don't need to do a lot to achieve this. A few tropical elements here and there can change the whole design of your bedroom.

We are going to walk you through some fabulous examples, by interior designers from around the world. You won't believe how easy it is to add tropical decor to your bedroom or how stunning it looks.

Shall we take a look?

1. Tropical wallpaper

Green&Yellow Pixers Спальня Різнокольорові leaves,tropical,jungle,wall mural,wallpaper



This bedroom features stunning bold and bright wallpaper, with different coloured leaves. This enhances the entire sleeping area giving it a beautiful and unique look and feel. 

Do you see how the wallpaper becomes the focal point of design?

2. More subtle

If bold prints aren't for you, opt for a more subtle design like we find here. The wooden floors, walls and furniture create a cozy haven of tropical bliss.

The high wooden ceiling beams create a voluminous effect so you feel like you're in a cave.

3. Light linens

Casa Xixim, Specht Architects Specht Architects Спальня

The white bed canopy and neutral linen makes for a very refreshing environment that is further enhanced in this design by the beautiful surrounding view. 

Don't you love how the sliding doors open up, allowing fresh air and sunshine to flow into the interior space?

4. Natural materials

This bedroom features all sorts of materials including a thatch roof, wooden floor and patterned stone wall. This mix of materials creates an enriched environment that's simply stunning.

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5. White and wood

Casa Xixim, Specht Architects Specht Architects Спальня

Pair white linen, floors and walls with wooden elements for a light, bright and refreshing interior space.

Once again, we can also see how connecting interior spaces to exterior spaces makes for a tropical design all on its own.

6. The tropical headboard

homify Спальня Синій

Headboards a wonderful design element, merging functionality with style.

In this bedroom, we can see how a tropical headboard reinvigorates the very simple bedroom. 

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7. Introduce plants

Put plants or vases of flowers in your bedroom, connecting the interior space to the beautiful outdoors. Simple yet effective!

8. Colourful tones

Villa Verde, Goa., Studio MoMo Studio MoMo Спальня

This bedroom features accents of colours in the form of artwork, linen and cushions. The patterned flooring enhances this effect, making for a very appealing interior space.

Sometimes all you need is a little colour to achieve a stunning interior design.

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9. Tropical wallpaper matches the cushions

This is a wonderful example of how you can use different elements in your bedroom, allowing them to work in harmony with one another.

Tip: Add bedside lamps to your bedroom for a stunning touch.

10. Capitalize on the view

Mariposa House, arqflores / architect arqflores / architect Спальня

We've already seen what a big role the surrounding view can play when it comes to your tropical bedroom an this is another great example. If you can, use the beautiful landscape around your home as the focal point. When in doubt, nature is the best form of decor!

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