The African home that's even more beautiful inside

Leigh Leigh
Edge Design Studio Architects Їдальня Бетон Сірий
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You won't believe what we have in store for you today!

We are going to travel to Accra, Ghana where Johannesburg architects Edge Design Studio Architects have put together a new residence proposal. But, it's not just any residence. This one will completely inspire you!

With clean lines, lavish finishes and a flawless connection to the surrounding environment, this home really makes the most of the space available to it.

The most striking feature of this home, however, is the beautiful swimming pool. It is big and luxurious as well as perfect for the weather in West Africa.

Shall we take a look?

Triple storey

From the get go we can see that this is no ordinary home. It features three-storeys, which are raised above the ground. Each level opens up onto balcony and patio spaces making for a very expansive and refreshing design.

The lower level features an interconnected interior and exterior living area, which opens up onto the large and lavish swimming pool. The result is a wonderful outdoor entertainment area that can be used for a multitude of functions, including dining, sunbathing or having a nap.

The large glass windows and doors throughout also ensure that natural light flows through the home, making for a warm and welcoming environment.

Modern style

There is no doubt that this is a very contemporary home. It features clean lines, sleek white beams, large panels of glass and neutral tones. The modern style packs a punch!

If we examine the outdoor area carefully, we can see how it features a beautiful stone wall, which contrasts with the clean white lines and large glass windows and doors. Stone walls are a great addition to any modern home, adding texture and tone to the environment.

We can also see how a functional pergola has been installed outdoors, giving the entertainment area a beautiful touch. 

Inside out

Here we can see the home from the inside. The designers have stuck to neutral tones and very modern furniture including a sleek glass dining room table and grey, simple chairs.

What is most striking about this image is how the surrounding landscape is the focal point of the design, thanks to the large glass windows and doors. The architecture truly works in harmony with the surrounds.

Another point to mention is how the sunshine flows into the home, making for a very light and bright environment. This works beautifully with the neutral colour palette.

A splash of personaity

The living areas of the home maintain the neutral colour palette, but here we can see how a splash of personality adds charm and colour to the environment in the form of a beautiful, blue artwork. 

Do you see how one striking element can enhance an entire space? You don't need to clutter an environment with too many decor items and accessories but a few simple pieces can go a long way.

Once again we can see how clean lines dominate, creating a sophisticated and elegant environment.

A closer look

The living spaces of this home are spacious and open plan, with a partial separation. This creates a very interactive and social home.

This image shows us clearly how the home spills out onto the exterior spaces. Do you see how much bigger this makes the home feel?

The architecture is very unique and sophisticated with a glass corridor running above the living areas. 

Everything about this home is beautiful and enchanting, merging comfort with style.

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