15 small bathrooms you need to see before you redecorate yours

Leigh Leigh
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When it comes to decor and design, bathrooms should not be forgotten about. A bathroom is the one place in the house where we can relax in a hot bath, wind down with a cool shower or just have some peace and quiet from the rest of the family. This means that even if your bathroom is small, it should be lavish, relaxing and serene. 

The best part is that bathrooms can undergo a make-over without having to spend a fortune! If you are thinking about renewing your bathroom space, then this homify article is for you.

We've put together a selected of 15 small bathrooms you need to see before you decorate yours. Each is as inspiring as the next, although the ones that appeal to you will reveal to you what your personal style is.

1. A little colour

Sometimes all you need is to add a little colour to the environment to enhance your small bathroom. This red ceiling doesn't overwhelm the space, but packs a punch!

2. Decorative mosaics

Tiles don't cost a lot of money but they can give the walls a very special texture. Install patterned tiles in your bathroom and instantly create a decadent and beautiful atmosphere.

3. A natural touch

With a natural touch, like stone walls, you can create most peaceful bathroom. Starting off your day in an environment like this can only lead to good things.

Don't you love how eye catching the modern features are in this room?

Have a look at these tips for making your home roar with raw materials.

4. Beauty from black

In general light colours are preferred in small bathrooms, but in this design by architects Juan Luis Fernandez, we can see how with the right lighting, dark colours can be incredibly striking.

5. Bright design

Marble is a wonderful material to use if you want to transform a small space. While it's more costly than tiles, the appeal is that it will last for many years to come. As we can see in this design, you also don't need a lot of it to create an elegant room. It also works well with any style.

6. Futuristic precision

This bathroom has been turned into a dynamic, lively and energetic space thanks to effective lighting. 

Tip: Add a pot plant or a vase of flowers to your bathroom for a natural touch.

7. Eclectic style

In this tiny bathroom, different materials, textures and colours work together to produce stunning results.

8. Spacious

This small bathroom features a very spacious atmosphere thanks to the use of white walls and floors. Do you see how the designers have managed to create a textured environment, however, despite the neutral colour palette!

The multi-layered mirror adds depth to the room.

9. The secret of the mirror

Placing a large mirror on the wall of a small bathroom will help to make the room seem twice the size. It's also functional, allowing you to see what you look like when you start the day.

A mirror can also be aesthetically beautiful!

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10. Don't forget the wood

Another great material to use in the bathroom is wood. It creates a very warm and comfortable environment and it's cost-effective.

11. Rustic and modern

homify Ванна кімната Камінь Бежевий

Natural materials have been used in this bathroom, merging rustic and modern designs.

12. Make the most of space

Utilize storage space in your small bathroom so that you can create a sense of order. You don't want the counters to be packed with all sorts of make-up and personal products. Invest in a storage unit under the sink or behind the mirror.

13. Concrete walls

Arki3d Ванна кімната

This design is a wonderful example of how you can create elegance with every material.

Here we can see how the concrete walls make for a very original look and feel.

14. Open it up

Opt for a minimalist design, choosing only the most necessary of items in the room. Opt for cabinets hidden behind mirrors and light tones, expanding the physical space.

15. Extraordinary

Every good bathroom needs a fabulous shower, so don't skip on this feature. Have a look at these 7 stunning bathrooms to shower you with ideas.

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