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9 nifty decor ideas for your living room

Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada
by ARQUIPLAN Сучасний
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From the interior designers and architects of homify’s international community, these living rooms bring forth imaginative, tasteful, and unique designs. Whether you’re switching up your linens, rearranging furniture, or doing a full-out renovation, see the decor ideas that these living rooms have to offer:

1. ​Pops of colour

Pick a bold, lively colour and let it manifest in unexpected places. Here, teal makes a peaceful and pure statement in the chairs, pillow, and even the cake stand.

2. Textural themes

by ARQUIPLAN Сучасний

This room shines a spotlight on texture with silky velvet pillows, a plush rug, and wall art that picks up the silky, soft, and luxurious theme.

​3. Chimney-free fireplace

by homify Сучасний

Don’t be fooled – you can still enjoy a fireplace even if you don’t already have one, as there are many modern fireplace designs that don’t require building a traditional brick chimney into your living room walls…

4. Bask in the light

by Casas Cube Сучасний

Arrange furniture to absorb and enjoy sunlight instead of hide it. Light upholstery and hard, shiny surfaces work well to enhance your natural lighting.

​5. In the flow

This arrangement is notable for its easy and free circulation, providing plenty of open space to to move without hassle between various seating options as well as to the connecting rooms.

6. Use an area rug

by A54Insitu

Especially in studios and open floor plans, an area rug establishes a friendly boundary to designate the living room space.

​7. Go for an eclectic mix

Perfectly matching furniture is no longer the ideal, as designers incorporate more creative, eclectic arrangements that draw upon both an individual’s personality and their favourite design eras, cultures, or styles.

​8. Low profile

скандинавський  by homify, Скандинавський

Near a window, a low-profile sofa or lightweight furniture with a slim structure works well, as it doesn’t obscure views or bring heaviness to the light-filled window area.

​9. Bold contrasts

Even in dramatic black-and-white designs like this, there’s an inherent sense of balance between the rich, inky black and brilliant, pure white.

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by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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