6 ways to emphasise white walls to perfection

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If you prefer to keep your walls white and neutral and simply embellish them a little, that's a great decision that any interior designer will approve of, but knowing how you can add a little flair or contrast can be tricky! You don't want to add so much that the white base is totally obscured, but you also don't want to run the risk of minimalist design, by accident! We think we've discovered some wonderful ways to make so much more of your white walls, so come with us now and see which ideas would work well in your home!

1. With pictures.

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A tried and tested method for adding life to plain walls, creating something of a gallery wall will never get old! We always think that a variety of pictures and prints, in black frames, look timeless, elegant and so chic that you'll wonder why you didn't get around to framing your art before!

2. Contrasting walls.

If you want to amplify the impact of some white walls, you need to consider adding one contrast area. A single feature wall, in a different colour, will really highlight the clean and fresh look of plain white, while also adding a little warmth back into the space. So simple!

3. Vinyl decals.

To create a more exciting white wall, you can simply add some funky wall decals! With them now being so popular, you can easily design and have your own made and the best part of all is that they can be removed without causing any damage!

4. Natural wood feature walls.

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If contrasting your white walls with an accent colour doesn't appeal to you, how about an accent material? Interior walls with wood cladding attached always look phenomenal and you know what we say; white and wood will always look good! The dark, organic tones just make bright white pop!

5. Rustic shelves.

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Now this idea, we REALLY love! With some plain white walls in place, there is so much scope for adding a few gorgeous rustic shelves! Natural enough to not overshadow the white, they will also up your storage and display potential no end and that can't ever be a bad thing!

6. Green walls!

Adding a living wall installation to your home looks great, helps to purify your air and really amplifies the effect of plain white everywhere else. We think this is a great idea for home offices, where a little extra concentration never goes amiss! Just look at how lovely the white and green look together!

For more wall inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Brilliant brick wall designs.

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