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7 winning ways to merge your living and dining room

Leigh Leigh
by Dröm Living Скандинавський
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When it comes to modern architecture and interior design, an open plan design layout is very savvy. Especially when it comes to a small home, open plan helps to make the absolute most of every square foot! It also helps to create a very open, bright and friendly environment.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to integrate spaces. We need to make sure there is balance between colours, furniture and style. Living areas need to work in harmony with another.

In today's homify article, we are going to look at seven sensational projects that will inspire us when it comes to decorating a living room and dining room. We will also see just how easy it is integrate living areas! You won't believe how easy it is to merge the living and dining room.

Shall we take a look?

1. A focal point to maintain harmony

When the living room and the dining room share the same space, it's important to define a focal point in both environments so that there is harmony and cohesion. This can be in the form of a piece of artwork on the wall, a fireplace or a TV.

2. Minimalist

by homify Мінімалістичний

This dining room and living room by architects Nova Arquitectura, shows how you can integrate two spaces by opting for the same style. These rooms feature grey tones throughout, with a touch of rose here and there. The minimalist look and feel ties to the two spaces together while the furniture matches each other.

3. Don't be afraid to use colours though!

If you prefer a splash of colour here and there, don't be afraid to let your creativity run wild!

This eclectic living area features bright and colourful tones including yellow armchairs, a blue sofa and red dining room chairs. The use of colours throughout the living areas will keep a common thread going throughout. The wooden floors create a beautiful consistency between the two areas. 

The cherry on top is the natural light that flows through the large glass windows, creating a very lively and bright interior design.

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4. Highlight the living room and dining room with industrial lighting

This living area shows what a big role lighting plays in an integrated living room and dining room. The designers have installed funky newspaper print lamps, which drop down from the ceiling. These illuminate the wooden dining room table, without overwhelming the space.

The rest of the living area features gorgeous lamps and lights, which range from classic to modern. There are so many options when it comes to gorgeous lighting! This is a wonderful balance between functionality and style.

The rest of this living area is sober with an industrial chic touch. Every element has been carefully selected in this home!

5. Each environment has its own charm

It doesn't matter if the dining room and living room are big or small, what matters is that each room features a special charm. This will all come down to furnishing and decor. This is why you need to choose fabrics and decor elements very carefully!

For example, in this home we can see how the stone wall enhances the environment while the long and narrow mirror adds an edgy touch. The light white curtains create a refreshing and attractive touch, while providing shade and privacy. 

The neutral tones are very appealing!

6. Subtle separation

by homify Мінімалістичний

An open plan design should eliminate any dividers that would constrict spaces or block out light. As we can see in this image, this truly creates an open and spacious looking environment. 

Remember that when we separate rooms or incorporate walls, we restrict freedom of movement and we break up the light that flows into the home.

Thus the best way to delimit spaces is to use carpets, objects or geometry. There are so many ways to mark the boundaries between spaces, without constructing walls.

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7. Opt for a Scandinavian design

by Dröm Living Скандинавський

In this open space, we can see how the furniture has been very carefully distributed. This creates a continuous flow between spaces. 

A design like this makes for a very engaging and social space. Don't you love how the wooden furniture and white finishes work in harmony with one another?

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