A colourful 3bhk flat in Thane, Maharashtra

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Beautiful and bold hues like red, green, pink and yellow have been introduced in this 3bhk Thane apartment to create a cheerful and lively ambiance wherever you go. The interior architects at Kanakia Interior and Consultancy have combined creativity with modern designs in this home and utilised the Rs. 50 lakhs budget optimally. Contemporary furnishing, cosy textiles and romantic lighting in the bedrooms will impress you for sure. The young son’s bedroom proclaims his passion for football and is a very fun space for studying, playing and resting.

Beautiful entryway

Dark wooden elements, a sleek and smooth cabinet and a creatively carved panel on the ceiling make the entrance very elegant and warm. The large mirror lends the illusion of extra space.

Serene living

Customised window screens in pale yellow with large ships sketched on them make a very creative statement in the living space. Bright red and black cushions, a lively rug and a Buddha artwork ensure both cheerfulness and serenity here.

View of the dining

Thanks to an open plan layout, the living room flows seamlessly into the trendy dining space. High-backed red and beige chairs and flowing curtains in red and grey make for a stylish look here.

Bold and practical kitchen

Moving around and cooking are a pleasure in this open kitchen, thanks to the spacious U-shaped layout. Bold splashes of red unite with white and cream to create a passionate and striking atmosphere here. A wide array of cabinets and shelves hold all essentials and appliances.

Trendy bar

The wood and glass bar cabinet takes up a convenient position between the dining area and kitchen. Transparent glass doors allow you to decide what you want even before you open the cabinet.

Gorgeous bedroom

Warm wooden surfaces and golden lighting create a cosy and romantic ambiance in this bedroom. The large bed looks luxurious with its heavily printed bedspread and majestic headboard. The wooden wall behind the bed flaunts a beautifully carved backlit panel for aesthetic delight.

Sleek and sunny yellow shelves add functionality to the wooden wall holding the TV. They are great for arranging divine figurines, books, remotes and such.

Charming and mellow

Golden glow from the bedside lamps fills this bedroom with serenity and mellow warmth. The four-poster bed is a vintage touch, while the sheer drapes create a dreamy ambiance. Colourful linen add spice to the bed.

The wooden headboard has been embedded with a vibrantly printed and backlit panel for visual appeal in this bedroom.

Football fever!

Bright green and white is the colour scheme of the son’s bedroom, and it works very well to flaunt his passion for everything to do with football. The playful stickers on the cabinets, the football themed bedding and sleek, space-saving furniture make this room perfect for dreaming, relaxing and replenishing energy.

We simply adore the stunning green false ceiling, which has been designed to resemble a football field.

Neat and trendy green shelves and inbuilt closets with football-inspired decor accents complete the functional and stylish look of this room.  

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