9 beautiful walls ideas for a seriously stylish facade

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Home is where the heart is – as they say – so the entrance and facade need to be looking their best. Walls flanking the entrance are the feature that first greets your guests, and it's vital they make a good impression. Choose from a plethora of styles and materials to create elegant exterior walls that will look welcoming, too. 

So without further ado, let's take a look at these 9 ways to make your exterior walls seriously stylish!

1. Strips of natural wood

Replicate this look by arranging thin slices of wood in varying thicknesses, resulting in a facade which boasts homely good looks. The subtle gradation of timber tones gives the dwelling a timeless warmth.

2. Stacked panels

The walls of this home, built by the architects at Weber Arquitectos, feature stacked wooden boards and stepping-stone tree stumps leading to the main door. This gives it a simple cabin-like feel, thanks to the slim overlapping panels. The greenery adds an edge of its own to this pretty abode.

3. Exposed cement

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House of Respect and Happiness


Here, an exposed cement finish nods towards urban industrial chic – a trend that shows no sign of abating. This imposing structure, with its brutalist walls, has a simple wooden door to accentuate the look. This robust material is also waterproof, resists mildew and is very long-lasting.

4. Well-polished look

The linear, well-polished look of this door with its tall glass window makes for a subtle yet sophisticated aesthetic. The porch is done up with heavy beams across the ceiling, while the wall to the right is clad with polished stone tiles.

5. Chic stone bricks

These grey stones unite the rustic with the modern in a truly elegant manner. The hue and texture here bring a rich, raw feel, while the razor-sharp execution screams urban flair. White walls balance the look perfectly.

6. Stone wall in varied hues

The central wall of this house is a sleek yet naturally rugged surface, extending towards the sky. The best part about this feature is that it stands out in an understated way, thanks to its mixed stone surface. White walls and wooden features clad the sides for an eclectic look.

7. Magic in dark wood

Exterior walls, when clad in dark wood, look robust, elegant and clean. Take a cue from this stylish and modern house with its rich timber, white and grey facade.

8. Beautiful tiles

Tiles aren't just for lining floors; they can be creatively used to clad exterior walls for a unique look, too. Slate-grey tiles lend a whole new edge to this intriguing geometric house, for instance.

​9. Volcanic rocks

These volcanic rocks make for seriously stylish exterior walls, and contrast perfectly with the lush greenery next to the main door. Found mainly in Central America and Mexico, these rocks have a unique texture and are very hardy. They are easier to carve than ordinary stones, and hence can be used in a multitude of ways.

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