So easy! 9 brilliant ways to organise your kitchen

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Keeping the kitchen in order always seems a never-ending task, especially when you have a large family. Lots of kids usually means the kitchen always ends up a mess! And if your kitchen is small, you need to focus on making the best use of the available space, while also keeping it clean and tidy. To do this efficiently, you'll no doubt need some new tricks and ideas – and that's where homify can help! So today, we've compiled a brilliant list to help you organise your kitchen more efficiently. Enjoy!

1. Make sure all items have a home

Before you fully embark on organising the kitchen, give each individual item its own exclusive location. Sort pots, tableware and electrical appliances in a way that allows you to easily remember where they are and also gives you quick and easy access. Things used more regularly, like cutlery, should be near the counter you normally use to prepare dishes. Keep it simple and logical.

2. Hide the wires

A mess of wires is a most troublesome problem in the kitchen. You can hide wires in your kitchen equipment quite easily by investing in a smart contraption such as this.

3. When there's not enough storage space

Longboard Cherry by chris+ruby chris+ruby КухняШафи і полиці

Longboard Cherry by chris+ruby


When you don't have sufficient space to install more cabinets, you may want to consider some open shelves. These are a good place to store spices and cooking utensils, vacating more valuable counter space. With well-placed shelves, items are close at hand and your cooking will not be hindered.

In need of a new cooking space? Let the experts plan your kitchen for you!

4. Organise your drawers

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John Ladbury and Company

Soft close drawers

John Ladbury and Company

Having specific drawers for specific products is a particularly convenient way to save time. You might even store seasonings in one of them, as in this example.

5. Organise your tableware drawer

Classic, yet Contemporary Rencraft Кухня

Classic, yet Contemporary


Unorganised tableware drawers often create clutter. A simple divider for the drawer compartment will keep this space clean and tidy.

6. Magnetic strip board

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Fate London

set of 3 chef knives

Fate London

Magnetic strip boards are an ingeniously convenient addition to your kitchen. If you have young children at home, the board can be fitted higher on walls, safely out of reach.

7. Cute containers

Individual containers give convenient separate storage to smaller items. These magnetic wall pots certainly add plenty of style and charm to this kitchen! They also help keep your cooking space cleaner and more organised.

8. A chalkboard for lists

The kitchen blackboard is another great invention. Everyone can write what they want to eat for dinner or share their favourite recipes. With this innovative design, you can even note down the shopping list!

9. Regular clear-outs

The kitchen is an area susceptible to mess, so let go of all those things you no longer use. Take plates, cutlery or equipment that has been made obsolete to a charity shop or recycling centre. Don't hoard things that have not been used for many years. Only keep what you really use!

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