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Larissa Maffra Вітальня
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Simple contrasts are the key to many a breathtaking architectural project. Certainly, it’s one of the most important features of Casa Ipe, a house in Goiania, Brazil. Designed by Larissa Maffra, it stands out sharply against its surroundings, its straight, white walls seeming incongruous amidst lush tropical undergrowth. The interior, too, is striking in its simplicity; this is a house that stays true to its principle of simple, bold design all the way throughout. Here’s a quick look at some of the best bits.

​Start as you mean to go on

White is the perfect match for this landscape. The house makes a big impression against its clear blue backdrop, seeming like another of the vibrant chalk-coloured clouds that punctuate the sky. Its restrained modern silhouette, unabashedly inorganic, offers an unexpected counterpoint to the flourishing grass and plants found all around. All of this paints a fairly accurate picture of what to expect once we cross the threshold of the house.

​More of the same

The living room stays totally true to the promise of the outside of the property. The light colour scheme here is similarly bright and upbeat to the exterior walls. Straight lines and a balanced layout have been prioritised, and this is particularly obvious when the room is viewed from the angle seen here. There is no jumble, clutter or a single item that doesn’t look like its location has been carefully planned.

The lighting in this section of the room, meanwhile, is understated, with relatively low ceilings serving as a suitable home for subtle inlaid lamps.

​A touch of opulence

An alternative view of the room shows that this interior is perhaps not as minimal as it may have at first appeared, with a glitzy chandelier providing a blitz of old school glamour that might seem unexpected based on what we’ve seen so far.

​A little piece of the country

Comfy, nest-like wicker chairs offer just a touch of rustic comfort.

​Dinner party heaven

There’s an enormous amount of dining space available in this house, with the kitchen offering a ten-seater dining table to supplement the one we’ve already seen in the living room – plus a breakfast bar, of course. As in the living room, decorative features are minimal and very measured.

​Blue on blue

In the back garden, two rich blues bounce off one another to luxurious effect in the gorgeous outdoor swimming pool. A shaded balcony overlooks the space from the first floor, offering a way to indulge in this stunning view even on days when the sun is uncomfortably strong.

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