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The riverside home you'd love to relax in

Leigh Leigh
by Bongers Architecten Сучасний
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Today, we are going to visit the Netherlands where we will come across a beautiful Dutch home on the river, designed by professionals Bongers Architecten

This home is simple and traditional with modern and contemporary touches that will tickle you pink. You'll also see how the designers have incorporated the architecture into the natural surrounds, working with the river that runs past the property. 

This home is a wonderful example of how sometimes a very understated and classic home can be the most effective. 

Be warned, you may want to move into this house tomorrow! Away from city life and integrated into a quiet and peaceful natural landscape, this home is the perfect escape.

A house on the river

The traditional gable roof home rests on a river, with a beautiful wooden terrace that extends out over the water.

From this angle, we can see how simple the home is. It's a single story with a high ceiling nestled in the roof. The designers have gone for a neutral colour palette including a grey tiled roof and a wooden facade. 

We can also see how there are glass windows and doors throughout the roof and facade, allowing natural light to flow into the home. It also gives the family a constant connection to the outdoors from inside the home. 

Don't you feel calm just looking at this classic piece of architecture?

A mix of materials

From the front of the house, we can see that the design is quite dynamic. The architects have extended the tiled roof down over the glass entrance, creating a unique and modern look and feel.

A little driveway allows guests and residents a spot to park while trees have been interspersed in the gravel, introducing a touch of natural beauty and decor to the space. 

The exterior of the home features grey bricks, wooden cladding and the tiled roof. This introduces different textures and tones to the environment for a rustic design.

The sweetest entrance

The entrance to the home is very appealing, simple and functional.

Square tiles lead visitors, family and friends to the contemporary, wooden front door. The double-height glass above the front door as well as the frosted glass windows that flank the front door allow natural light to flow into the entrance area. 

A little pot plant subtly decorates the space, bringing some beauty and charm to the environment – a great tip!

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The wooden terrace

From this angle, we can see how the glass windows and doors allow the home to spill out onto the wooden terrace. This terrace is the perfect spot for relaxing in the sunshine and fresh air, with panoramic views of the river and surrounds.

The terrace is furnished with an outdoor table and chairs for dining or enjoying a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine. Sun loungers allow for a comfortable spot to enjoy a good book or relax in the sunshine. 

Do you see how simple the furniture and facade is? Yet, it's so effective!

The stylish interiors

If we head inside the home, we come across a completely different look and feel! While the outside was classic and traditional, the interior is incredibly modern, chic and stylish.

The open plan living area features a predominantly white design, which amplifies the natural light that flows through the home. 

The kitchen is incredibly sophisticated with its white cabinets and counter tops and its functional kitchen island and breakfast bar.

Do you see how storage space this room features, keeping the space clean, tidy and functional?

The gorgeous dining room

The dining room features a simple wooden table and trendy white chairs. A niche in the wall holds all of the firewood for the modern and stylish fireplace, showing how functionality and trend can work hand in hand.

What is most striking about this design is the light that flows in through the upper windows. This creates a very warm, light, bright and appealing interior.

Tip: Add a vase of flowers to any room in the house for a beautiful touch.

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A wider view

From this angle, we get an overall impression of the interior of the home. Do you see how the open plan design allows for a spacious and interactive homely environment?

The simple wooden floors and white walls make for a beautiful, simple and appealing design. This is a great example of how a minimalist design can make for a very stylish, functional and practical home.

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