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6 tips to improve your small kitchen

Rita Deo Rita Deo
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Everyone aspires to have an imposing kitchen with latest electrical appliances, sparkling cabinets and enough space to store all essentials. But a large number of people have to live with small kitchens in small houses that are a challenge to decorate as they have to choose between aesthetics and fulfilling requirements.

In this ideabook we shall explore a few tips that have been applied by our expert kitchen designers to improve the appeal of small kitchens. Each design has been carefully crafted and created by using eclectic combination of colors, patterns and materials that is sure to inspire you too.

1. Use complimentary colors

Bright primary colors that compliment each other are ideal for enhancing space within a small kitchen that does not have sufficient natural light and air. Lovely canary yellow on the floor and wall sets a charming contrast for indigo blue stools set against the breakfast bar opposite the counter. As the rest of the decor is neutral white from appliances to the cabinets and wall shelves it tones down the bright colors to make this small kitchen charming and pleasurable to work.

2. Mixing design styles

When space is limited then kitchen designers generally opt for minimalist or industrial style to keep non-essential decor to a minimum and stick to essentials. Even though this trendy kitchen is separated from the living room by only a slim counter that works as a breakfast bar it has a stylish edge enhanced by the rustic stone wall with retro sign and modern refrigerator

3. Rustic beauty of wood

The glaze and longevity of earthy wood is timeless and can last for years if maintained properly. This rustic kitchen may be small with limited work space but has all the latest gadgets that one may need. The L shape of this kitchenette ensures that it is filled with ample natural light and it is in perfect harmony with rustic surroundings.

4. Open kitchenette

When a kitchen is small and located in open floor setup with dining area and living room in same region then barriers between them are generally superficial. Relationship between the modern kitchenette and living room is maintained seamlessly as only a low wall separates it from the other room. The best way to design rooms in an open space house is to select colors and designs that compliment each other and create a harmonious layout.

5. Manage a microscopic kitchen

Even if meals are prepared only three times a day, the smell of food and condiments used in the process of cooking wafts across the house specifically if it is small. The best solution under the circumstances would be to have a large window in a close knit house and look for innovative ways to find storage for crockery, dry rations, cutlery and other kitchen essentials. 

6. Using kitchen products as decor

If the kitchen is small then most probably the region will have limited space for little extras that you would like to add in the area. Why not use this as an opportunity to showcase your creative skills by using them as decorative accessories on the wall or counter like this ladle rack. Sometimes antique pieces like wooden salt and pepper shakers, spice racks and magnetic racks for knives make the kitchen look more perfect. 

Now that all the objects you require are smartly fitted into the kitchen let us explore Creative ways to fit a fridge into a small kitchen.

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