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A swimming pool is surely the most elegant and classy addition to the exterior of any house. Be it big or small, a simple swimming pool increases the entertainment manifold and provides you with a great lounging experience without going out to clubs or resorts. Now you can even play with different designs, layouts and other decorative items that can help you build a mind blowing pool that will make your house stand apart from others in the neighbourhood. Here we bring you some cool ideas that will inspire you to create a stunning swimming pool. They can also help you spruce up the existing swimming pool with easy additions and advancements. These are affordable and very easy to implement. You can slowly and gradually incorporate each of these ideas to make your swimming pool a rather interesting one.

Go for poolside seating

A poolside seating area can be the best way to lounge and free you from the week long trouble. The poolside seating can be provided in a number of ways. It can either be created in the form of beach chairs that are neatly laid all along the edge of the pool. For a more dramatic effect, you can even go for a covered seating that comes in the form of chaise lounge chairs and swings. One more form of poolside seating is by using cane chairs and creating a covered and draped small seating zone that has bright curtains and wooden embellishments which together make the perfect match makers. Try opting for colourful and cosy cushions that look beautiful both during the day and night. Armchairs, small coffee tables and footrests further add as the perfect counterparts of the décor.

Looking for modern and trendy home decor to complement your swimming pool ideas? Here's an ideabook that will help in assimilating new home decor ideas : A home filled with tradition and modernity

Design a trendy layout

A sleek rectangular pool has been seen and appreciated by all. It is time for some change now. Modern swimming pools are the new kid on the block. These pools try and cover the whole exteriors of the place and look extremely classy and breath taking. Trendy layouts give you a much spacious feel and seem to be directly out of a five star hotel. Even in small areas, while square and rectangular pools will give a definite pattern, a lot can be done by incorporating trendy cut outs and asymmetrical designs. Even the lighting in these pools looks absolutely refreshing and mind blowing. You can further divide these pools into varied depths thus making them suitable for kids as well. Including a Jacuzzi and spa near the pool also helps to enhance the overall water entertainment.

Employ lot of green plants

Blue and green is an eternal pair. This setup can be created near the pool as well. For a completely natural abundance, try lining up lots of plants near the pool to give you a mesmerizing experience of mother nature. Also, the placement of plants holds high importance in this zone. Try going for plants that surround the pool area neatly and symmetrically. They should highlight the water but, should not lessen their own effect. You can even place planters all along the edge of the pool or even build a pool in the garden or lawn area for a complete blend of green with blue. Honestly, water and plants look much better in each other’s company. They impart a much denser and fuller appeal to the environment, thus making it highly serene and tranquil.

Fountain and pool; holistic experience

The combination of pool and fountain gives you the combined effect of a rain forest. The sweet sound of trickling water when paired with the pristine blue waters of the pool makes you feel a part of a heavenly paradise. Combined with green plants and wooden furniture, it is indeed a pleasant experience. A fountain can be placed in the centre or one side of the pool according to the overall layout and your choice. Try arranging for lighting in such a way that it highlights both the fountain and the pool. You can even incorporate audio and visual effects near the fountain and the pool area for an added elegance. Try making the fountain entrance a little dramatic for enhancing the entertainment factor. A small space saving advice will be extending your garden fountain to the pool area and then merging into the pool. This way the entire exterior can be laid in one particular theme.

Go for a mini bar or gourmet space

Poolside dining has always been one of the most cherished and desired eating experiences. While going out, this is the most common condition that is highly put forward by couples, families and even friends enjoying a healthy meal outside. So why spend tonnes of money outside when you can easily arrange a poolside dining in your house itself. An outdoor mini bar or gourmet space like the one designed by Designer De Interiores from Brazil above, has been a culture of the best and has slowly started laying its roots in the Indian subcontinent as well. For creating a small space, you can initially start with a mini refrigerator to store all your chilled beverages. Then you can include a barbecue grill to make you quick and easy steaks while enjoying a dip with your friends. Slowly and gradually you can move to a full-fledged kitchen space by the pool. For furniture ideas, try going for cane or bamboo chairs as these blend well with the natural surroundings and give you a complete beach like feel and environment.

Use effective lights for highlighting

A swimming pool is best highlighted with the use of inbuilt lights. These lights reflect from inside the water, thus creating a mesmerizing view during the night. To make the poolside well lit and decorative, try going for a combination of inbuilt and external lights that make the entire area shine through the house. The inbuilt pool lights are helpful for beginners and non-swimmers as they give them an idea about the depth and intensity of the pool. It also creates a stunning blue aura that goes perfectly well with the dark blue star-studded sky. The underwater lighting can be achieved with the use of LED lamps that glow like stars amidst the pristine blue waters. These lights surely enhance the pool experience by creating a backlit display. It perfectly sets the correct mood and increases the entertainment manifold.

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