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When it comes to furnishing your home, it's difficult to avoid a trip to IKEA. The Scandinavians have led the world in furniture design for centuries, and IKEA is just the latest manifestation of their dedication to creating simple, sturdy furniture that will work with any decor. IKEA is attractive for a number of reasons; they provide high quality, cost effective furniture that's easy to transport and assemble, and while they offer a huge amount of different styles, today we're taking a look at their MALM series of beds and drawers.

We're no wiser than you as to what MALM might mean, but what we do know is that this particular line of IKEA furniture is simple, sleek, and reliable, meaning it can be used in almost any scenario. The straightforward designs are highly practical, but they're also easily personalised, so that you can inject them with a little personality to really bring your decor together. So let's take a look at some of the best uses of this furniture, and how they've integrated it into the decor, and then you can rush off to get something for yourself!

1. Bed with storage

The negative space under the bed is always a bit of a dilemma. While it can feel like a great storage opportunity, it's never recommended to stuff things under the bed, as they're difficult to access, they collect all kinds of dust, and it's a massive feng shui no-no. Luckily the folks at IKEA have found a way around this by integrating drawers into the bed base, so that you can make use of the empty space, but still keep your items organised and accessible.

2. Dark and stylish

This super trendy bedroom features a MALM bed, this time without the storage underneath, for a modern and hip decor. The MALM series has all kinds of variables in terms of style and colour so that you can find something that perfectly fits your personal taste.

3. Tall and narrow

Here we find a tall and narrow set of drawers, yet another variation on the MALM theme, that is perfect for small rooms where you have limited floor area. Just like in a crowded city sometimes the best option is to build up! We also have to note that amazing hybrid couch/drawer set, a fantastic idea for additional storage.

4. For the kids room

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Kids love stickers, sometimes as an adult it's hard to remember why, but it's a fact of life, and for some reason they always end up on the drawers! Luckily this set of drawers, much wider than the last set we looked at, is the perfect canvas, and due its large size is also a great spot for the television!

5. Personalised drawers

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Everyone has IKEA furniture, so to set yours apart why not personalise it? This can be done in a variety of ways, here they have used a sticker which has been cut out between drawers, with an exotic bamboo pattern that looks amazing, but you could also paint the drawers, design a mural, or decorate it with material and flags. This is a great project for adults and kids alike, so get those creative juices flowing and make your IKEA furniture your own. If art isn't really your thing, but you still want a unique piece, there's no shame in asking for help!

6. In the baby's room

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Baby's require all sorts of storage solutions; they grow out of their clothes on a weekly basis, they need all kinds of supplies, and of course don't forget toys! That's why you may want to opt for this far larger model of the MALM drawers, with six large drawers and plenty of space on top for ornaments and decorations.

7. Organising your drawers

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IKEA really think of everything, and one of their most practical offerings is drawers organisers that will make your life a whole lot easier. These are especially great for arts and crafts as we can see here, but they would also be fantastic for sorting our your jewellery or underwear. 

8. Natural timber

The natural timber look is fantastic, grounding the decor of this adorable room and giving the pastel colour palette some organic texture. The simplicity of the design means it will not look out of place in any decor, and here they have decorated the top to look elegant and cute.

9. Perfect for any space

The MALM series is just so versatile! It works in any room in the home, can fit into any space seamlessly, and fulfil a variety of functions. Here it has been used as a console table behind the room divider, and it looks fantastic!

Now that we've seen it in so many different contexts the value is clear, so get out there and choose your model! For something a little different, check out these practical ideas for the kitchen.

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