13 practical ideas that are useful in the kitchen

Leigh Leigh
Nilgun & Turgut Alibabaoglu, Bilgece Tasarım Bilgece Tasarım Кухня
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The kitchen is a place that serves many functions, but the main one should be that it is a space for cooking. For this to happen, the room must be laid out very well and decorated beautifully.

So what do you need in this space that will make it more useful, from gadgets, tricks and tips?

Today on homify, we've cooked up 13 practical solutions for you that will help you when it comes to cooking. You'll prepare the most unique meals on the block!

1. Aesthetic nutcracker

İskandinav Mutfak Tasarımları, Bonvagon.com Bonvagon.com Кухня Кухонний посуд

The health benefits of eating nuts are numerous. In fact everyone should eat nuts, so you should always have some at hand.

This elegant nutcracker brings function and aesthetics to the kitchen area all in one!

2. Hidden drawers

Mutfak Dolabı, Erim Mobilya Erim Mobilya Кухня Масив Дерев'яні

Drawers are the most convenient way to store items in the kitchen, ensuring that you don't end up bending and stretching into the back of cupboards for spices or accessories.

If you don't have too many drawers available in your kitchen, you can install some in a long cupboard like these designers have done.

3. Chairs

Mekan Tasarımı, Bilgece Tasarım Bilgece Tasarım Кухня

Who said that the kitchen is a place where you should be standing constantly, doing the activities at the counter? Give your legs a rest!

A comfortable seat can be like a dream come true.

4. Wooden wall rack

Ahşap Mutfak Rafı, Pons Home Design Pons Home Design Кухня Шафи і полиці

Designed by professionals Pons Home Design, this is a wonderful example of a feature that can be used for those who love wood. 

A wall shelf can keep items neatly stored away, while easily accessible. It's a charming feature with a nostalgic touch. It is also very practical.

5. Modern bar

This kitchen is decorated in a very modern style. A white brick wall features gorgeous dark red kitchen cabinets as well as a sleek television.

Instead of the standard kitchen island, a large and thin kitchen bar has been installed on the wall.

This is a very functional and chic cooking space!

6. Storage space embedded in the countertop

Olea , Bodrum Femaş Mobilya Bodrum Femaş Mobilya Кухня Кухонний посуд

Now this is a very useful solution for small kitchens. The halls in the counter top are ideal for storage, while ensuring items are easily accessible. 

This is also a great place to stack utensils and crockery while they dry, before placing them back in the cupboard.

7. Exposed cabinets

These kitchen cabinets are ideal because you can slide the door down when you want to conceal the contents or slide the door up when you want them to remain on display and be easily accessible. This is a great place to store your favorite glasses or porcelain.

8. Wall shelves

Nilgun & Turgut Alibabaoglu, Bilgece Tasarım Bilgece Tasarım Кухня

Today, we are arranging our housing more and more in an open plan design. The kitchen connects to the dining room and the living area. 

When space is limited, wall shelves are an ideal solution. They can be used for any area, keeping items stored in vertical spaces. Simple but useful!

Have a look a these things to consider when it choosing shelves.

9. Quirky containers for spices

İskandinav Mutfak Tasarımları, Bonvagon.com Bonvagon.com Кухня Кухонний посуд

Don't worry if you don't have adequate shelves for spices. Opt for funky or quirky stands or containers like we see in this image. These are a very cute and colourful solution!

10. The elongated island

AHMET ASLI İLHAN EVİ , DerganÇARPAR Mimarlık DerganÇARPAR Mimarlık Кухня

If you have a long, rectangle kitchen, it can be difficult to work with the space. It's hard to fit a middle table in the room.

These architects have found a solution for this by creating a long, narrow kitchen island that runs through the space. This can be used as a breakfast table as well as an extra storage area or surface space for cooking or preparing food.

11. Convenient drawers

Cutlery is usually stored in drawers. However, while most drawers are the same size, this one is far more narrow. For a minimalist kitchen, this is ideal, allowing for careful organization of kitchen utensils!

12. Magnetic cutlery

These designers have come up with the ultimate solution: magnetic cutlery! This is very convenient, allowing items to be easily hung or stored on the walls. It also looks fabulous!

13. Colour in the kitchen

MODERN MUTFAK TASARIMLARI , Ysk Dekorasyon Ysk Dekorasyon Кухня Шафи і полиці

Add a bit of colour to your kitchen for a unique look and feel. Juicy colours enhance the appetite and excite the taste buds. You can use colours in an unusual and subtle places such as the fronts of cabinets or the insides of shelves. 

You can also opt for colourful accessories.

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