A different kind of terrace: 20 balconies that have been turned into studies!

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Most people lucky enough to have a balcony in their apartment choose to turn it into a small garden. That's fair enough, but surely it would be nice to have a bit more room in your actual home, especially in places where space is tight?

That was the initial thought process that inspired a handful of visionary interior designers to completely overhaul our perception of what a balcony could be. By blocking the open face (in most cases) and fixing up the interior, they've managed to turn these tiny spaces into rooms that many of us long to  have – home offices.

Cosy, quiet and full of brightness, a balcony conversion is the perfect way to squeeze a study into your home. Don't believe us? Check out these 20 examples and be amazed…

1. A stack of white shelves, a tiny white desk and a white office chair make a neat but sweet office space.

2. This balcony space has been closed off, but kept open thanks to a wall of windows. We love the contrast of charcoal grey and clean white!

3. This balcony has been jazzed up by these interesting patterned tiles. Raw, light wood helps to warm up the space.

4. This light and bright office space is a futuristic dream. We especially love the contrast provided by the red perspex chair.

5. The owners of this balcony have tiled the walls to look cute and chic. Combined with elegant curtains, this study is a place to work in peace.

6. This innovative office includes a plush window seat next to the wok desk – perfect for when it's time to take a break!

7. This balcony is flooded with light thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows – well, wouldn't you want to make the most of that view?

8. This small space has been cleverly split into study and relaxation zones. That painted brick wall behind the shelves is stunning!

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9. Bitterness won't touch you in this blissful office, with it's embedded desk, basket-style chair and excess of greenery.

10. This ice blue balcony office is particularly relaxing, and the abstract paintings add a personal touch.

11. This multi-functional space acts as a desk throughout the day, and as a breakfast bar with a view when it's time to eat!

12. This balcony balances indoors and outdoors. The long thin bar is perfect for late night work sessions, and the fake turf carpet makes it feel like summer all year round.

13. Even the smallest balconies can accommodate a reasonably-sized desk – it's all a matter of logistics and clever design.

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14. This long wood desk combined with wooden flooring and roman blinds create a modern yet warm feeling in this converted balcony.

16. Every office needs a bookcase -suspend yours from the walls of your balcony for major style kudos.

17. Antique furniture and wooden flooring create a retro study with a serious 70's vibe – groovy, baby!

18. This tiny study works with Scandinavian colours and minimal ideas, but introduces a hit of character thanks to the inclusion of those intriguing paintings.

19. White and wood come together and complement that apple green chair to create an office space that's nice and Nordic.

20. Forward thinking wooden walls and trailing plants make the inhabitants of this office feel relaxed, happy, and ready to work.

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