6 tips to ensure your kid loves their bedroom

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Children's rooms can often be tough to design and decorate. Not only do you have to contend with rapidly changing tastes and preferences, but you need to pick a design that keeps them interested, and allows them to thrive. Children generally love colour and exploratory patterns, this supports them in delving into their own creativity, and experiencing new and interesting ideas. But how does one actually create such a room? Other than the simple furniture that may already exist within the space, it can be tricky knowing where to begin. Luckily homify is here to help! 

Today we have collated six tips that we believe are the key to creating a captivating, and enjoyable bedroom. With examples for all ages and genders, take a look at the images below, and get a little inspiration for the renovation of your child's room today!

A magical sleeping space

Spielwelten für Kinder, Paidi Paidi Дитяча кімнатаЛіжка та дитячі ліжечка

The bed is the most important part of a bedroom, and it needn't be boring or dull. When we think of children's beds, we often opt for a simple single sleeping space, replete with well-manufactured mattress, and highly supportive base. Time to think 'outside the box', and choose a piece of furniture that is a little more interesting for both your child and yourself!

The best way to get children involved within their bedrooms is to create a space that they enjoy playing within. If they want to play in their bedroom, you have achieved your goal. Now, you may live in a compact home, and not necessarily have space for an additional playroom. Never fear, the bedroom can easily suffice as a place for them to spend their free time. 

Take a look at this example, the bed doubles as an ingenious area to have fun, and works wonderfully within the room. If you need help choosing a stylish and exciting bed, chat to a professional, to get some ideas and some advice. 

Let them personalise the space

Personalisation is the key to taking ownership over a room. If a child doesn't feel like the bedroom is theirs, then they will never feel as though they want to spend time within it. The key is involving your child in the decoration process. If they are very young, you may want to let them pick colours they like, but if they are older, they could potentially choose items of standout furniture, or ornamentation and bed linen. 

In this example, personalisation comes in the form of a chalkboard wall. This is a time-honoured wall covering perfect for all ages. Stylish, practical, and effortlessly fun, a chalkboard wall will add a sense of cool within any room. Choose one wall, and utilise it as a feature. Your child can then create individual drawings to add a unique touch within their room. They will love the fact that designs aren't permanent, and can be easily washed off and re-drawn. 

Fun and engaging accessories

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Accessories can bring life and excitement into a room. From simple adornments such as stuffed toys, to more involved additions, the inclusion of interesting and fun accessories will undoubtedly enhance their experience, and let them love their bedroom. 

In the image above we see a room that includes a rock wall, a chalkboard wall, as well as a climbing rope. This is a space no child could tire of, as it is filled with fun activities that make the most of the space. If you reside within an apartment, this can be a great idea for children who may want to play outside, but are unable to, due to a lack of garden or inclement weather. These additions will keep a child active and engaged, while almost guaranteeing they won't get sick of their bedroom. 

Add art to the walls

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Decorating a child's room doesn't mean you have to forego style. Children these days are exposed to culture much earlier than previous generations, and so, can have finely tuned aesthetic sensibilities. Foster their love of style and interior design, by adding items that appeal to their creativity. Many children enjoy art, and this can be a perfect place to start. Consider some prints, photographs, or even handmade images for the wall of their bedroom. 

Here in this example we see an ultra-stylish child's room that has art framed upon the wall. This art takes on a salon style, and works as a gallery within the room. 

As an extra tip, include your children in the design and planning of their own space, and let them choose the images themselves. They may not be to your liking, but will undoubtedly allow a sense of ownership over the room. 

Choose a funky wall colour

homify Дитяча кімната

Wall colour is a quick way to achieve impressive results. Pick a theme for your child's bedroom, and ensure the wall colour is well coordinated. If you are considering a new theme or colour for their space, it is best to include them in the process so that they feel some input in the overall design. This will help to increase their connection with the bedroom, and in turn their enjoyment within it. 

In this image we see a bright red wallpaper that effortlessly matches the other items within the room. The style of the space is beautifully coordinated, and looks fabulous. Vivid, vivacious, and perfectly designed, this room would work excellently with many different age groups. If you want to ensure the room really shines and is exciting, check out wallpaper. Wallpaper imparts a pattern as well as colour, and comes in a range of easy to apply styles. 

Provide ample storage

Finally, one of the less exciting tips, but no less important objectives, of keeping the bedroom clean. Children tend to be a little messier than adults, and in turn, their bedrooms can become chaotic and jumbled. The first reaction from parents is to tell their children to clean it up, which has the undesirable effect of making them want to avoid it! Instead of constantly yelling at kids to 'clean their room', it can be a good idea to ensure there is an easy to use storage system in place. If they have a basic and simple place for everything, they might (hopefully) keep the space a little neater. 

This example is a great illustration of how to impart storage within the room. There are abundant cupboards, and areas for commonly used items, and less used items. The result is appealing and ideal for a young teen or older child. 

We hope that inspired you in your redecorating efforts, if you would like to read more, check out: 6 ideas for a unique and fun kids' playroom

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