6 creative kids play areas

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Modern Family garden in North London Earth Designs Сад
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Keeping the kids happy and entertained can be a real nightmare. Ensure your kids are never bored by creating fun and imaginative environments in the home. Dont worry, no need for something drastic – a perfect child-friendly setting can be created with a simple inclusion of a unique accessory or even a themed feature wall. 

There are many brilliant ideas out there ready to be applied in your home. So take a look at some of the best ideas for keeping the kids active and happy. 

Slip and Slide

snoeck & co Дитяча кімната

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Usually reserved for school playgrounds or fair grounds.  Here we see that slides are no longer limited to the outdoors. This is a combined play area, slide, and bed unit from snoeck & co. Most kids will love the thrill of sliding down a slippery slide after waking up in the morning. Although, getting them to sleep in the first place might be an issue! 

Outdoor play

Modern Family garden in North London Earth Designs Сад
Earth Designs

Modern Family garden in North London

Earth Designs

Kids these days are so obsessed by technology it's a challenge to drag them away from their iPad or from watching TV. Lure them outside by creating a play area dedicated to interaction and activity. For those fortunate enough to have a backyard. Why not use the space to build a modern play area? Outdoor play areas can be much more than a just a swing set or a sandbox. Here we see a two level cubby-house, swing set, and plenty of space to run on the Astro-turf in this enclosed space. What a great space to let the kids run riot without the fear of injury.

Jungle fever

Capture the imagination of boys and girls with a jungle themed feature wall. From this perspective we can see the wall filled with details of a lush tropical rainforest complete with toucan and snakes. If you're on a budget this could be an opportunity for a fun D.I.Y project. Perhaps involve your child in the process too. This will help bring a sense of value and ownership to the room and also a sense of accomplishment. 

Combined goodness

Sail Boat Mid Sleeper Bed The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea Дитяча кімнатаЛіжка та дитячі ліжечка
The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea

Sail Boat Mid Sleeper Bed

The Baby Cot Shop, Chelsea

Sailing boats are magical things – what better way to bring out the adventurous spirit in a child than a sail boat themed bed unit. This detailed bunk bed is great for little ones who'd love steering the toy helm, playing with the sail, climbing up and down the ladder, and looking through the peep holes. You'll be amazed what other amazing themed bed units there are out there so explore your options!

What to read?

Introduce your children to more learning opportunities by building a large book case unit. Fill the shelves with a wide variety of books such as fairy tales, adventure stories, and books that will promote imaginative thoughts and natural learning. So if you haven't managed to create a bookworm, then this could be the perfect way to start.

Hang in there

KSL LIVING Дитяча кімнатаІграшки

Eliminate your kids boredom by adding fun and cool accessories to their bedroom or play area. Allow your kids to discover this suspended cocoon that is true definition of hanging-out. Many an hour will be spent chilling, reading, or snoozing in this ingenious design from KSL Living.   

Looking for more inspiration? There's more child related content in the ideabook below to check out. 

Children's Bedroom

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