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6 creative ways to design your bathroom like a pro

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A professional bathroom designer makes their living looking at good bathroom design, so it’s no surprise that they know how to add that special artistic touch. But with the profusion of good imagery around, it’s always possible to design your bathroom like a professional if you do the necessary research.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to do lots of research anyway, because bathrooms are generally one of the most expensive home renovation projects around. So, to get you inspired, today we’ll present 6 creative ways to design your bathroom like a pro. Enjoy!

1. Relaxing lighting

A professional bathroom designer would never use stark bathroom lighting. Not only is it harsh on the eyes, it’s also unflattering too! If you want a good strong task light for the vanity, choose something small and directed. Then use downlights or LED lights for the main illumination.

2. Hints of nature

The best bathrooms have the look and feel of a day-spa. It’s easy to create some semblance of the look if you just add a few natural touches such as some easy to care-for bamboo, wooden blinds or a small Zen-garden with white pebbles.

3. Matching accessories

Matching bathroom accessories go a long way towards creating a cohesive aesthetic in the bathroom. They are often the one place where you can feel free to explore some bright colour accents too. Whatever you do, try your utmost to avoid an unsightly collection of mismatched products out in full view. A combination of closed and open storage units are a good way to prevent this happening.

4. Wooden shelves

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A professionally designed bathroom is usually easy to keep clean and uncluttered because it always has adequate storage. So try to make use of those classic, underused spaces like the wall area above the toilet or above the doorway. Better use, turn them into a decorative feature like this.

5. Antique touches

Professionals know the value of pre-loved furniture and often find ways to customize old furniture so it works within a more modern interior. In the bathroom, this is a particularly good way to add character because many modern bathrooms often lack warmth. So find a beautiful old cabinet and find a way to work it into your existing design.

6. A slip bath

A free standing bathtub is a decadent touch that can be a real focal point in the bathroom. For an extra artistic touch, consider a slip bath. The soft curves of the raised end add a smooth, elegant look to the bathroom. This can often create a good retrieve from the harsh geometrics that often dominate many bathroom designs.

For more home ideas, have a look at 11 storage tricks for seriously small bathrooms.

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