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20 modern fences to make your home stylish (and safe)

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Home security is a concern from us all, but nobody wants to negate a stylish façade in favour of a ugly fence that nobody can scale. Luckily, there is a compromise, with beautiful garden fencing acting as a deterrent to home invaders, as well as a chic addition to the exterior of your property. 

We've found some incredible designs that will show that you don't have to choose between security and style and, with a host of amazing fencing designers out there, you'll be able to find something absolutely perfect for you and your taste.

Join us as we show you the very best fencing available and see if your imagination is fired up!

1. Inspired by nature

homify Сад Залізо / сталь Дерев'яні

This bronze-toned fencing really looks the part, with natural sandstone supports and offers not only privacy in your garden but also a hugely stylish finishing touch to your façade. 

The tree design looks delicate and strong at the same time!

2. Modernist black

Sturdy, serious and chic, this black design has all the elements you want in a security fence and some added modernist styling as well. 

Perfect for a contemporary build with black accents.

3. A delicate deterrent

We love how this fence manages to look pretty and delicate yet uncompromising at the same time. The leafy design is so different, bringing an unusual aesthetic into play, but you wouldn't want to risk trying to hop over it!

4. The perfect contrast

So daring against the creamy tones of the supporting walls and the main house, this jet black fence stands out and means business. 

By laser cutting a gorgeous design (inspired by regional foliage) there's a natural feel as well.

5. A bold barrier

This fence looks like a spider's web! 

Created to act as a suitable deterrent to unwanted visitors, it doesn't block out all the light into the garden thanks to the clever design and it looks amazing.

6. Going round in circles

homify Сад

For a little more tradition, this black metal fence with a myriad of circles cut out is perfect. It lends some serious style to home security, but not at the detriment of the wider aesthetic.

7. Pretty as a picture

There is some serious artistic talent on show here, as the leaf design continues seamlessly across all of the fencing panels despite them being individual pieces.

8. Enter if you dare

These multi-strand fencing designs are blowing us away, as they look so complicated to make! This one has been finished in a soft rust-brown hue that blends with the home, but still screams 'do not cross'.

9. Tropical gateway

The design of this fence makes you think you'll be entering a tropical paradise on the other side if you have an invite. Such a great way to interject some bold design into you garden!

10. Caught in a trap

Did Spiderman actually design this fencing? It looks like he did, as the seemingly random placements of the holes creates an amazing mesh effect.

Finished in a dark grey, it looks serious but stylish at the same time.

11. Perfect with wood

Now this design has us going crazy! The beautiful tropical plant design is so striking, but then add in some natural wood supports and it's transformed into something so chic. 

It's a statement and offers fantastic peace of mind.

12. A mix of styles

What a great combination this installation is! With pretty cut-out sections, the fencing doesn't seem too monolithic but the solid panels add a hint of 'ask before you enter'.

13. Funky and fabulous

We're starting to see there really aren't any rules in terms of what designs you can choose for your fencing, which opens up so many possibilities.

These swirls are so eye-catching and must be the envy of the neighbourhood!

14. Lovely like lace

homify Сад

It's surprising just how much these more delicate designs can still act as a fantastic home security measure. This pretty white fencing might look sweet and inviting, but you wouldn't want to risk trying to scale it!

15. Bonkers for bamboo

More commonly found in eastern countries, we think bamboo motifs work perfectly as part of a striking fencing design. Against the stark modernity of the stainless steel panels, the pretty nature-inspired design looks amazing.

16. So modern

homify Будинки Залізо / сталь Сірий

When you don't need a full-height fence, you can opt for something a little smaller and simpler, yet still inject a lot of style! This design looks like strands of grass blowing in the wind and looks so much more interesting than plain wood panels. 

17. All about the geometry

homify Коридор Залізо / сталь Чорний

We all know that geometric designs are set to be big news again this year, so why not consider them for your fencing? Fun, chic and almost a touch industrial, this installation has everything you need.

18. Paint a picture

As part of an all-wood home, this black metal fencing really pops, but it's the design that captures your attention. Can you imagine how incredible a full perimeter fence would look with a story design cut in?

19. Showcase your interests

homify Коридор Залізо / сталь Янтарний / Золотий

As we said, you can choose just about any design to have cut into your fencing and this unique installation proves it! How perfect would this wheel design be for fencing around a garage? 

20. Modernist masterpiece

There are a lot of trends on show here! With hexagons popping out of a solid fence, you have industrial, modernist and geometric all in one.

For more security inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 15 exterior gates that would impress your whole street!

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