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Clever flexible furniture for smaller homes

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When people go for a bigger house they are usually driven by a raise at work, a sensation that they have outgrown their small, modern home or convinced by the mantra of realtors that bigger is better. But the benefits of living in a small house can be manifold. They require less maintenance and are a smaller initial investment, which consequentially frees the inhabitants more time and freedom to pursue their ambitions. Not to mention, that they are kinder to the environment as they consume less resources. 

To harness the full potential of a small house it takes some ingenuity. Folding furniture is a great way to furnish a room in a small house. An extremely practical solution, freeing valuable square feet from being filled with unnecessary load. Space-saving furniture will ensure to utilise floor space in exchange for comfort.

Folding desk

Since we were toddlers, desks have become an integral part of our lives. Whether at school, home or work it is the place for brainstorming, writing and the execution of plans.  We really spend a lot of our lives at a desk and having a small house is not a barrier to doing so.

Folding desks are an inventive piece of furniture to incorporate into your domestic life. A small wall cabinet that becomes a work space when the top is unfolded can practically be incorporated anywhere around the house.

Folding chair

Folding Chair Fläpps – Criss Cross Red AMBIVALENZ ЇдальняСтільці та лавки Фанера Різнокольорові

Folding Chair Fläpps – Criss Cross Red


Folding chairs are usually associated with practicality at social events. Who has not attended a wedding observing the ceremony from a folding chair? Their practicality lies in the fact that they can fold flat and be easily stored. In contrast to fixed chairs, these folding gems are lighter and easier to move around. 

They are also space efficient as they can seat more people per square foot, which is of particular benefit in a small home. The example, pictured,  is vibrant in hues of blue, red and yellow, with geometric lines shaping the wooden frame.

Folding bed

If desks are an integral part of our everyday life then beds are an essential aspect. The advantages of a folding bed are many in a small house. At first glance they tend to be cheaper than traditional beds, especially when bought from online stores.

The second big benefit of folding beds is the space saved. Take, for example, this room in the picture. Once night has spread its dark veil, the bed comes out of its hiding place for some sweet dreams. When the morning comes, it folds away, freeing the sofa underneath to create more space. With one single move, a room has turned from a bedroom into a living room.

Folding shelf

Fläpps Shelf 80x40x2 – White AMBIVALENZ Навчання/офісЗберігання Фанера Білий

Fläpps Shelf 80x40x2 – White


No matter in which room, whether the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom, storage space in small homes is always an issue. This lack of storage can make the house feel a little cluttered, which is where folding shelves can help by making better use of your walls.

Your books can find a place to rest and flowerpots have a home from where they can bring an air of freshness in the house. Folding shelves can be installed almost anywhere and the best place to fit them is in those unused spaces.

Folding kitchen counter

homify Кухня

In a small house the kitchen has to assume a multipurpose persona. This picture perfectly illustrates such a kitchen, with an abundance of drawers that can be transformed into novel forms, such as a retractable kitchen counter., which is simple yet practical. 

A kitchen counter can also be of the folding variety, arising when needed and then folding back when it's served its purpose. A folding counter can come in many different materials, with the most hygienic being stainless steel, but this can be a little expensive. Hardwood is an excellent alternative.

Folding mirrors

Colleta White Triple Folding Mirror homify ВбиральняДзеркала Скло Білий

Colleta White Triple Folding Mirror


Mirrors can play an important role in a small house. When light hits their smooth surface it reflects, thus creating an illusion of increased space. They will cheat your senses.

Folding mirrors can, therefore,  engage your senses without taking up much space. There are double or triple folding mirrors: whatever your choice, they can be elegant and easy to store, as well as helping enlarge the house. A perfect combination!

The essence of folding furniture is their use. When they serve little purpose, one fold can free space in a small house and when they are needed,  another fold can bring them back into play. This practical and efficient usage makes them the best candidates for small home furniture. 

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