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21 ideas to renovate your home with very little effort

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
еклектичний  by Vinyl Impression, Еклектичний
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So you are thinking of revamping or upgrading your home, but you’re on a tight budget and cannot come up with ideas that are easy to implement and economic. Well, in this homify feature we consider 21 fantastic and simple décor tricks to renovate your home, without breaking the bank. The solutions are practical and quick, we cannot wait to see what the professionals at homify have in store for us!

1. Bathroom tile disinfection

by homify Еклектичний

Sometimes all your bathroom tiles need is a solid clean to look good as new and you won’t even have to consider a complete revamp after you’re done. The only investment is time and suitable products to remove dirt, soap scum and moisture stains.

2. LED lights

Kitchen by DDWH Architects Сучасний

Illumination is an integral aspect to get your home feeling fresh and fabulous, and LED lighting beneath the furniture adds a sophisticated character to the space.

3. Useful decor

Natural Rope Knot Door Stop by homify Рустiк

Natural Rope Knot Door Stop


A doorstop doesn’t need to be unsightly, think of some fantastic ways to decorate the room and stop your doors from damaging the walls too.

4. Doormat

сучасний  by Boscolo, Сучасний

Upper Park, Loughton


Go for a new doormat and welcome guests at the entrance to your home, be sure to choose something cute and quirky for that cosy effect.

5. No squeaks

сучасний  by Modern Doors Ltd, Сучасний Інженерне дерево Прозорий
Modern Doors Ltd

Ravenna Oak Internal Door Prefinished

Modern Doors Ltd

Oil your windows and doors regularly to keep them in perfect working order and avoid any annoying squeaks that develop over time.

6. Furniture protection

Living Room by Lights & Shades Studios Сучасний

Use décor to protect the furniture against scuffs and scrapes, a rug or carpet is always an excellent choice.

7. Leather sofas

еклектичний  by homify, Еклектичний Текстильна Янтарний / Золотий

You may have invested your money in good quality leather sofas, it is important to look after them too and apply a special wax regularly to protect the surfaces keeping it good as new.

8. Creative walls

ABC for the Spelling Bee, Black by homify Скандинавський

ABC for the Spelling Bee, Black


So you like the idea of artistic walls, then some vinyl stickers or a fantastic mural is the answer to your blank wall problem.

9. Hanging hooks

мінімалістський  by homify, Мінімалістичний

This is an inexpensive yet elegant way to make use of your walls without hammering any nails that may cause paint to chip and peel.

10. Clean the walls

Ensuring that your walls are cleaned regularly is the major difference between a house that looks like new and a house that shows signs of aging. Give special attention to the bathroom walls as this is where mould and mildew are most visible.

11. Flower feeling

еклектичний  by rigby & mac, Еклектичний
rigby & mac

Ceramic Cactus Vases

rigby & mac

Fresh flowers are a simple solution to enhance a light and comfortable atmosphere in the home naturally.

12. Stencils

еклектичний  by Vinyl Impression, Еклектичний
Vinyl Impression

Hand drawn flower (pack 1) wall stickers

Vinyl Impression

Showcase your creativity with stencilled pattern wall décor.

13. The clutter

скандинавський  by Imperfect Interiors, Скандинавський
Imperfect Interiors

Open Plan 1st floor Living room

Imperfect Interiors

Organise your home weekly and ensure that clutter is out of sight.

14. Closet space

If you've run out of space in your closet, then an open clothing rail makes for a fantastic interior design option that will add storage into your home.

15. Laundry

скандинавський  by homify, Скандинавський Дерево-пластичний композит

Tricks laundry basket


Use a wicker basket as a laundry alternative and keep your space functional and clutter free.

16. The lighting

сучасний  by An Artful Life, Сучасний
An Artful Life

Bare bulb fabric flex light

An Artful Life

Remember that lighting is crucial to accentuate a comfortable feeling, so upgrade your light bulbs regularly or opt for chandeliers with light bulbs that are easily replaceable.

17. Carpets

by StudioG Сучасний

Carpets are great to include a cosy feeling of comfort and style in the home, but they can be difficult to maintain, ensure that your carpets are perfect by cleaning them regularly.

18. The kitchen

Kitchen with range cooker by Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects Сучасний
Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects

Kitchen with range cooker

Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects

The kitchen is often the most used room in the home and requires extra care and consideration daily. Clean all countertops, cupboard doors and of course the stove top and basin too.

19. Air freshener

A clean home smells great too, so place air fresheners throughout the home to keep bad odours at bay.

20. Colour up your shelves

сучасний  by Diagonal Furniture, Сучасний
Diagonal Furniture

Tomado Floor Standing Shelves

Diagonal Furniture

Introduce a funky colour into your home with some vibrant shelving or bookcases. This can be done easily with just a coat of paint.

21. Framed

скандинавський  by HAM, Скандинавський

HAM Screen Prints


We have come to the end of this article, but a final economical way to decorate your home is by upgrading picture frames and family portraits for that stylish and friendly effect. Have a look at these: 15 clever storage ideas you'll want to try right now

by Casas inHAUS Сучасний

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