Simple landscaping tips for your garden

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Whether you have a postage stamp sized dot of lawn, or a sprawling acre of rolling green grass, your garden is more often than not a space where you can step out from behind a computer, television or desk and enjoy the fresh, crisp air. As busy and dutiful employees, mothers, fathers, husbands and wives, our lives are filled with responsibility and chaotic ups and downs. Time spent outdoors is proven to reduce stress, increase mobility, and ensure you don’t lose touch with the natural world. Cities can become concrete jungles; regulate your intake of urban life with a dose of good outdoor enjoyment. Conversely, if you happen to live in the countryside, ensure your space is conducive to making the most of the area. 

With the sun shining and the snow well and truly melted, it’s time to give your outdoor space a well-overdue makeover and refresh. You needn’t be a green thumb or a landscaper to be able to do some pretty cool stuff with your garden. Take some hints from homify, check out the stylish examples below, and begin planning your renovation with our simple and practical landscaping tips.

An outdoor stage

If you need to revamp your garden space and incorporate a place to relax, unwind, entertain and socialise, consider a raised outdoor deck. This example illustrates a gorgeous white outdoor ‘stage’ where the adjoining wall is decorated as the wall of a house, perfect for entertaining children. This space is a great way to simply refresh your outdoor space, and can inject a little fun into your garden this spring. Remember to include some luxurious floor cushions, throws and seats for extra comfort, and, as an additional luxury, consider having some giant foam upholstered cushions made to cover the entire decked surface.

A restful gazebo

Traditional and Contemporary Mix Cherry Mills Garden Design Сад
Cherry Mills Garden Design

Traditional and Contemporary Mix

Cherry Mills Garden Design

When landscaping your garden, it is important to consider permanent furniture, as well as plants, shrubs and flowers. One piece of furniture that is wonderful in a well-designed garden, is a gazebo. Gazebos are extremely versatile, and available in numerous styles, colours, finishes, and textures. Along with this, they are perfect spaces to place seating, and depending on their size, an entertaining and barbeque area. Another benefit of an enclosed patio or gazebo area is its ability to blend in with the surrounding environment, while providing shelter and style. Consider growing a creeping plant along the edge of the structure, or incorporate some latticework that can be covered in plants and flowers.

Some stylish planters

Planters are one of those timeless and stylish landscape-designing tools. When you don’t want to plant anything directly in the ground (or are unable to), the planter is a handy tool that allows simple and moveable design with relative ease. Large or small, a planter is able to transform a garden space and incorporate a sense of tranquillity through foliage and greenery. With countless designs on the market today, choose something relatively timeless and simple. This will ensure it will not date, can be reused, altered or moved around for a different design, and for many years to come.

Set the right mood with your lighting

When landscaping your garden, lighting is imperative to the mood and ambience of the space. Choose lighting that will function as a stylish addition to the area, as well as create an enjoyable atmosphere. This example shows how that can be achieved easily and effortlessly when designing your garden. Pick fittings that glow upwards, up lighting tends to work particularly well in outdoor spaces, and can be used to illuminate trees, shrubs, and art.

Inject some colourful cottage charm

A cottage garden is probably one of the easiest ways to design an outdoor space. With relatively no rules, the cottage garden can be whimsically colourful. A labyrinth of messy tangled plant life, the cottage garden design coordinates and contrasts perfectly to create an enjoyable and effortless space. Think winding stone or brick pathways, delicate blooms and plenty of fragrant blossoms, all intertwined within a large or small space that can easily evoke character and charm.

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